A wide range of e-juice flavors are available on the market these days. Everyone has their own choice of flavors and sweetness. Once you have been vaping sweets for a while, you may want to add some sweetness to your e-juice to enhance its sweetness. You can add sweetness to your e-juice on your own by following some cautionary and safety guidelines. It may seem like a daunting task, but once you get to know the basics of how to sweeten e-juice, you will find it easy to sweeten a large batch of vape juice to your taste. It can be dangerous to work with nicotine concentrate and e-juice components if not handled with proper care. 

There are different ways to sweeten e-juice at home. You can add some artificial sweeteners or sugar-oriented ingredients; except for this, you can add some compounds available on the market to make your vape juice sweet. So, if you want to know how to sweeten e-juice, keep reading.

How To Sweeten E-Juice?

how to sweeten e juice

Vapers who like a sweet taste in their vaping sessions are mostly curious to know how to sweeten e-juice. Additionally, fruit juices and concentrates are also good choices to sweeten your e-juice without adding artificial sweetness. Ethyl maltol, sucralose, and erythritol are the sweetener compounds mostly used to make e-juice. Ethyl maltol can be purchased from the market in a 10% solution or in powder form, where you can dilute it yourself. Ethyl maltol enhances your flavor by adding aroma and some sweetness. It is typically used as a sweetener, but it works as an aroma enhancer most commonly.

Sucralose adds sweetness to your e-juice, making it as sweet as sugar in tea. A diluted plain sucralose usually comes in at 5–10%. You can also add erythritol to make e-juice sweet. Erythritol hits the market newly and significantly better than sucralose. Erythritol is extremely heat stable at high temperatures, and sucralose loses much at low temperatures. These are the most popular choices for food-grade sweetener concentrates designed for sweetening e-juices. 

How Much Sweetener To Add To E-Juice?

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a type of sugar alcohol and is similar to erythritol. The more pronounced profile ratio is a 50:50 ratio of VG to PG. But if you want to sweeten your e-juice and don’t want to disturb the flavor profile, you can go with 0.5%. This is an ideal strength for a beginner. You can also go with 1% and 2% as per your need to sweeten the e-juice. Similarly, you can exceed 5%; after this limit, you may notice a dull taste or sometimes even a bad taste. The type of sweetener and ratio depends on individual preferences.

Can You Add Stevia To Vape Juice?

can you add stevia to vape juice

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener with 100 times the sweetness of sucrose. Stevia is the second sweetness option and works exactly like sucralose, even without lips puckering as sucralose does. Stevia is a natural herb without any negative health effects from chemical compounds. More suitable for those who prefer natural ingredients rather than artificial sweeteners. You can use stevia herbs or leaves or add stevia extract available on the market. Remember, not all kinds of stevia leaves are sweet; some have a bitter taste. So always make sure before purchasing a stock about the type of stevia. 

Can You Put Sugar In Vape Juice?

can you put sugar in vape juice

Many vape juices taste sweet. Not all, but many vape manufacturers make sweet vape juice, and you can choose a vape juice according to your choice and preferences. Putting sugar in vape juice is not a good idea. You can add artificial sweeteners to make your regular e-juice sweet. Can you put sugar in vape juice? There are many factors to consider, like that sugar does not vaporize and breaks into crystals at high temperatures, and its crystals will form a layer around coils. As a result, it can shorten the life of your vape and also affect the vaporization. Besides, this sugar can lead you to gain weight and have other health issues with the body’s metabolism, such as tooth decay, and can also harm your lungs. 

Can You Add Honey To Your E-Juice?

can you add honey to your e juice

Honey has plenty of health benefits and a very unique aroma. It is used as a great enhancer in different recipes. Honey is another sugar-based ingredient, and it will burn your coils if heated. Honey is an extremely thick and heavy substance, and being a lot thicker, it can damage the atomizer of your vape. Also, if you add honey as a sweetener to your vape juice, it can cause it to caramelize and bubble, not vaporize. So it is not a good idea to add honey to your vape juice just to add sweetness rather than artificial sweeteners.

Can You Put Syrup In Your Vape?

can you put syrup in your vape

Sugar syrups come in various flavors, like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Homemade sugar syrups contain sugar, water, and essence or artificial flavors. As I mentioned above, heating the sugar at high temperatures can cause it to melt, burn, and then crystallize. It will create a layer of crystals around your vape’s atomizer and gunk your wick too fast. As a result, it will damage your coil, tank, and vape device. 

What Makes Vape Juice Taste Sweet?

what makes vape juice taste sweet

The sweetness of vape juice does not come from sugar; vegetable glycerin (VG), a sugar alcohol, is the main compound of many sweet flavors. Additionally, sweet fruit juice can also be added to make an e-juice sweeter. Moreover, many manufacturers use artificial sweeteners in their vape juice, like sucralose, ethyl maltol, erythritol, and stevia. Each of these mentioned chemical compounds has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your taste and preferences as to what type of artificial sweetener you want to choose from.

Sweetening your e-juice can be a simple yet creative process that can elevate your vaping experience. Whether you like fruit-flavoring vape juice or sweet vape juice, you must follow the safety guidelines while exploring different sweetening options. Sugar and sugar-oriented compounds may damage your device and affect its performance. By choosing different artificial sweeteners, you can customize your vape juice according to your desires. Understanding how to sweeten e-juice is the key. It is a good idea to stick with artificial sweeteners to avoid damaging your vape device. Ultimately, sweetening elements come from different fruit flavors and artificial sweetener compounds without compromising your health or vaping device.  

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