When you are finished using your Orion disposable vape, have you ever wondered if it is possible to refill it rather than throw it away after it is finished? There’s good news for you! This article will provide a detailed guide on how to refill your device. From learning 

how your vape works to sourcing the proper components to refilling it properly, we’ve got you covered. 

Plus, we’ll go over some basic maintenance tasks to keep your vape running smoothly. Saving money and getting more use out of your favorite e-liquids is possible with the Orion disposable vape refilling technique. So take your vape and let’s start this simple and entertaining refilling guide!

A Comprehensive Overview of the Orion Disposable Vape

a comprehensive overview of the orion disposable vape

Vaping has never been more convenient or enjoyable than with the Orion Disposable Vape. Being compact and light-weight makes it easy to bring along wherever you go. Avoid the hassle of immediately filling up this vaporizer because it comes pre-filled with e-liquid. The device is compact and includes a mouthpiece, battery, and chamber for e-liquid. A notable quality is that it is disposable, so you can use it up until the e-liquid runs out and then dispose of it.

However, were you aware that it can actually be refilled? With the Orion Disposable Vape, you may enjoy a number of delicious flavors while enjoying its portability and the fact that it doesn’t require charging. As an added bonus, you can prolong the life of your vaping device and save money by knowing how to refill it. Knowing what makes the Orion Disposable Vape exceptional, let’s refill it!

Making Arrangements to Refill

making arrangements to refill

Prior to beginning the process of refilling your Orion disposable vape, it’s necessary to make sure that everything is in order. 

  • Be sure to have your preferred flavor of e-liquid on hand, along with a little syringe for easy filling and some protective gloves to avoid contamination. 
  • Never put e-liquid on your hands; it’s really dangerous. Therefore,  always work in a clean environment and use gloves. 
  • Make sure your vape is compatible with the e-liquid you want, and then choose a flavor you enjoy. You should select an e-liquid that is neither too thick nor too thin, because some of them may be overly thick. 

Now that you have all the materials and know the safety measures, you’re ready to move on to the fun part—refilling your Orion Disposable Vape! Let’s get going and ensure that everything happens without a hitch.

Instructional Step-by-Step Guide to Refilling

instructional step by step guide to refilling

The exciting part is about to begin, which is refilling your Orion disposable vape. Here is the step by step guide that you have to follow.

  1. The vape must first be disassembled before you can proceed. You will need to locate the seam where the components meet and then carefully open the device. 
  2. Locate the e-liquid chamber, which is where the liquid is supposed to go once it has been opened.
  3. Dispose of any remaining e-liquid in a safe manner before refilling.
  4. Use a tissue to clean the chamber. If it appears to be dirty, clean it.
  5. The e-liquid needs to be refilled now. Fill the chamber with the e-liquid of your choice using the syringe; do not overfill. 
  6. When finished filling, close the vaporizer and secure all pieces. 

So there you have it! You can now use your Orion disposable vape again after filling it. Save money while indulging in your preferred flavors!

Reassembling and Testing

reassembling and testing

Reassemble and test your Orion Vape after you’ve filled the pod with e-liquid. 

  • First, replace the pod on the device by carefully pressing it in until it clicks into position. 
  • Ensure that it is aligned in the correct manner. This is a crucial step to prevent leaks. 
  • After that, give the coil a few minutes to soak up the e-liquid. Making sure the coil is primed will prevent burnt flavor and ensure that it absorbs sufficient e-liquid.
  • After priming the coil, take a few puffs without pressing the fire button to facilitate the e-liquid’s passage through the device.
  • Finally, while holding the Orion Vape’s fire button down, try taking little puffs. When your vape has the right feel and flavor, it’s ready to use.


Keeping your vaping experience constant and enjoyable is made simple with the quick and easy method of refilling your Orion Vape. You can effortlessly maintain your vape and prevent typical problems like leaks or burned tastes. Through applying the methods mentioned in this article, which begin with gathering your components and end with testing the device. 

Your device will last longer and function better if you check for wear and prime the coil. Keep in mind that maintaining your vaporizer improves not just its performance but also your overall vaping experience. Having problems or questions? Ask for help or check other resources. Enjoy smooth, satisfying drags from your professionally refilled Orion Vape! Have fun vaping!

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