Geek Bar is a popular choice among vapers in present times but the user must learn how to refill a Geek Bar if they want to enjoy long term usage. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to do it in the most easiest way. Even if you are switching to a new flavor, this guide is helpful as it provides a detailed insight into how to clean your pod for that matter. Let’s learn how to do it!

How To Refill A Geek Bar; Understanding Geek Bar System

how to refill a geek bar understanding geek bar system

Geek Bar vapes are available in a variety of flavors and specifications. Some of them are disposable which can be discarded whereas others can be recharged for using again. It depends on the requirements of users which they want to choose for them. However, before you learn about how yo refill a Geek Bar, it’s necessary that you learn how the system works. 

As mentioned earlier, some can be recharged, therefore, they not only require battery but an additional e-juice to function too. When the battery is depleted, they are recharged but when the e-juice gets depleted, you have to refill it. For refilling, there are 8 steps which have to be followed but an additional 9th step can be added if someone is shifting to a different e-juice flavor. Let’s learn about these steps in detail.

Gathering Necessary Supplies 

gathering necessary supplies

Removing the Pod

After gathering up the supplies, you have to remove the existing pod from Geek Bar. You can do that by prying off the covering which is present over the battery and e-juice level indicator. It will reveal the inner components and you have to carefully remove the C port too. The dissembling procedure is crucial as it can lead to physical damages if not performed correctly. 

Cleaning the Pod (Optional Step)

cleaning the pod optional step

If you were using some Geek Bar flavor but now you want to switch to a new one but you are not ready to buy another Geek Bar for it. You want to use yours then you have to clean it properly before you refill it with the new flavor.

For that matter, you need to carefully discard the remaining e-juice. Once done, you have to wash the pod. You can use a mild warm water to rinse it as it cleans the remaining residues from it. After rinsing, you need a mild soap solution and a brush to clean the insides. A gentle scrub will remove all the flavors and scent from it. Rinse it again and then pat dry. You can also let it air dry on its own. 

Opening and Refilling of Pod

The port must be located to open it. Usually it’s present at the bottom or the sides of a Geek Bar. It has a cover or silicone plug which should be gently removed. Through this port, you can refill the Geek Bar with your e-juice bottle. The process must be performed with care to prevent any spillage. It should be filled but not so much that it leads to leakages due to overfilling. 

Closing the Port

Once it has been refilled, you have to close the port from which the e-juice entered. The cover or silicone cap should be tightly secured otherwise the e-juice will leak out. 


As your refilling is done, you can now reinsert your pod into your Geek Bar. All the connections must be checked to be in appropriate alignment. The pod should be in proper place before you reinsert it into the vape. 



If a new pod is being used and you have discarded the old cartridge, it’s important that you prime your coil before use. It’s not a complex step as all you have to do is to let your pod rest for a while after refilling before you start vaping. Through this rest phase, the coil will be completely saturated in e-juice and it won’t lead to dry hits that usually irritate the throat. 

Checking for Leakage and Testing

checking for leakage and testing

After you have performed all these step mentioned above, your Geek Bar is now in perfect condition to be used but it’s important that you try to take some puffs to ensure that. The first few puffs will tell whether the vape is working fine to be used or not.

It also lets you know about the leakages (if any). If there’s any leakage, you must withdraw usage right away and dissemble the pod to see if all connected are tightly secured or not. It can be resolved by simply tightening up the pod but if the issue persists, there could be a need to change the pod or a physical damage which needs repairing. 


A Geek Bar which can be recharged also needs a refill. When it’s empty, you need the gather the required supplies, remove the pod, clean the pod if you are shifting to another flavor, refill the e-juice with e-juice bottle, secure the port and reinsert it into the vape before vaping. The first few puffs will ensure if it’s working fine. If it doesn’t, you can simply check for any leakages, loose connections or physical damage which needs to be fixed for seamless vaping experience.

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