If you are looking for how to open voopoo drags battery door ,then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

Among some of the popular line of vapes fall Voopoo. It’s a renowned company of vape devices. The purpose of these devices is to provide an electronic experience for smokers. If you own a Voopoo Drag, but are struggling to open its battery door, we are certainly here to guide you about how to open Voopoo Drags Battery Door. Let’s dig into the details of how to do it perfectly!

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; A Brief Introduction Of Voopoo Drag

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; A Brief Introduction Of Voopoo Drag

Voopoo has launched various vapes. They are known for their advanced features along with the design and construction they provide. They are also popular for their customization which they offer to their users. They launched the Drag series. It includes different models and hence they all vary in their specifications. Not just that, they also differ in their designs and so on. The range is developed to serve not just the experienced vapers but also the beginners. 

Voopoo Drag offers customizable features which includes temperature, wattage and so much more. The interface is user-friendly. It makes the entire vaping experience personalized and the journey more enjoyable. 

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; Step to Step Guide

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; Step to Step Guide

Voopoo Drag has a durable build. Users can access its battery by opening the door. The proper way of doing it includes:

1. The first step is to turn the Voopoo Drag off. It’s a crucial step before any user tries or attempts to open the door. It’s a step which ensures the safety of users, preventing any potential harm which might occur otherwise during the process. 

2. The second step is to find where the battery door is located. It’s usually present near the bottom of Voopoo Drag on one side of the pod. It’s separate from the overall main body of the vape device.

3. Once the door has been located, the next step is to slide it across. The door has markings on it. The arrows show on which side the door will open. Only a gentle pressure is required as the Drag series are quite user-friendly and they do not require much effort from their customers. 

4. After you have opened the battery door, now it’s time to access the batteries. These can be accessed by reaching out for the battery compartment. It can only be done with the battery door completely opened. In most of the Voopoo Drag models, the batteries are arranged in series. It is advised to access these batteries with care. Safety guidelines must be followed while doing so.

5. The main purpose of reaching out to the battery door is to charge the battery. If the batteries are simply empty and are in a condition to get charged, they can be. However, if they are completely depleted and are no more useful, they must be replaced with newer ones. While changing the batteries, the orientation must be kept in mind. The positives and the negative markings must be checked and the batteries should be inserted likewise. 

6. Once you have charged or changed the batteries. It’s time to close the battery door. It is done by sliding the door back slightly in its original place. It will close it. 

7. Now if you want to turn your device on. You can now do it by the process of clicking the fire button five times. It will start the device. 

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; Precautions

How To Open Voopoo Drags Battery Door; Precautions

While opening the battery door and reaching for the batteries, some safety tips must be kept in mind. These include:

Using only the high quality batteries for replacement. The reason is to make sure the performance of Voopoo Drag is not affected. If low quality batteries are inserted, these will not only reduce its performance but will also decrease its shelf life. 

Apart from that, while charging the batteries, they must be inspected to see they do not contain any scratches or visible damage. Batteries of high or low wattage than the one required by the device is not recommended. It will damage the Drag. Therefore, only use the ones recommended by it. 

If these safety tips are not followed while using the Voopoo Drag, it affects its performance. Users buy high end products and sometimes it does happen that the performance they expect, they do not receive it. It’s only because of the carelessness they do when it comes to its maintenance. The more you take care of your vape, the longer it will last. 

And when it comes to its care, it’s not just about cleaning, it’s also about not dropping it on the floor and using proper batteries which won’t affect its functioning. These small things if kept in mind will lead to so much effortless vaping journey which is much more enjoyable for the users. 


Voopoo is a popular company and Drag is their series. It provides a lot of new features for their users. If anyone has a Voopoo Drag, opening it’s battery door is a task. Some struggle doing it. Mastering it is a fundamental task if you are vaping enthusiast. In order to open the battery door, you must first examine where the door is located. Once found, slide it across in the mentioned direction and open it. The batteries if depleted must be changed and newer ones must be installed. While doing so, keep in mind the connections. If the present ones are useful, you may charge it.

However, several safety tips are there which must be kept in mind. The batteries should only be used which are within the wattage range of Drag. These must not be physically damaged either. By following the mentioned steps which have been outlined above, you can effortlessly access and then change or charge the batteries. It ensures your device is always ready to be used. Following these things will increase your Drag’s lifespan too. Enjoy your vaping journey!

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