When you are a regular vaper or even a beginner who is curious about all the vaping techniques and related stuff, it often pops up in your mind to know how to make vape juice with household items. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. The e-juice is something that seems to be complicated but is quite a DIY in reality.

By just using household items, one can easily make an e-juice for their e-cigarette which is not just budget-friendly but also provides an innovative way of trying out your favorite flavor. What if somebody loves a chocolate or coffee-flavored vape and they haven’t got any left in their pod? What’s next? Buying a newer one? Well, before buying another one, it’s suggested to try out making it by yourself at home. But how to make vape juice with household items is the real question. Let’s find out!

How To Make Vape Juice With Household Items; The Ingredients

To make an e-juice, certain ingredients are required. These include; glycerin, propylene glycol, water, flavor extract, and nicotine. However, these 5 ingredients are which make a perfect e-juice but in some cases when something is missing and people do not have enough or all the ingredients available at their place, only glycerin and flavor would be sufficient to make the procedure go.

Propylene glycol serves as the base of an e-juice. The substance has no color or odor and is used in a variety of products which not only include food products but also tobacco ones too. Apart from PG, the VG or vegetable glycerin which is required as an ingredient here is quite similar to PG but is more viscous in comparison to it. That means, it’s relatively thicker and sweeter than the PG. 

The only difference that these both provide to the e-juice is that the flavor is carried by the PG whereas the vapor that forms is associated with the VG content. The higher the contents of these two; the higher would be the associated effect. Water on the other hand is used to reduce the thickness of both of these substances. Usually, the flavors could be in any form however the recommended ones include those that are specifically made for inhaling purposes. However, the normal flavorings used for food purposes can be used as a supplement.

When the flavoring is strong, only about 5 percent would be enough. Although, when they are comparatively weaker then up to 20 percent can also be used. Nicotine which is the last ingredient in this making will be required in diluted forms. The safe strengths are from 8 mg to 24 mg. If Nicotine isn’t required by the vaper, then this can also be skipped.

How To Make Vape Juice With Household Items; The Equipment

A few of the items present in your house could be enough to make the final product. A pair of gloves would be required to make sure the nicotine content doesn’t touch your skin. A clean water bottle would be required to add up all the substances. A few syringes should be present to measure each substance accurately and through a separate syringe.

Glasses are recommended to be used by the maker as the nicotine content could be dangerous for your eyes. Tissue papers should be set aside on the counter while experimenting with this DIY because as we all are humans, we can sometimes spill liquids. Therefore, they must be present for cleaning purposes.

How To Make Vape Juice With Household Items; Mixing Procedure

The first step is to prepare the nicotine for e-juice. For that purpose, it is advised that as the nicotine is present in diluted form therefore the concentration of it will be calculated in milligrams. A calculator should be used and is easily available these days in the form of a smartphone application. Once the concentration is known, the user must add a little less than the calculated one.

The same is the case with flavoring, once the base is ready; the next step is to prepare the flavor. It’s advised to use the flavorings available over the counter. However, if anyone wants to make it at home, the procedure takes around two to three hours. For instance, if somebody is willing to make a coffee-based e-juice then they would be needing to mix a calculated ratio of ground coffee beans with PG and VG base mix. The mixture is microwaved for about 30 seconds with 10 seconds intervals. The obtained mixture is set aside with filter paper to pour out the filtrate which is later used as a flavoring.

No matter what kind of flavoring is being used, it is recommended that the overall concentration must not exceed 10 percent of the total product as it’s the first time for beginners. The practice would make the entire process easier as the handling of each flavor would become much easier with experience. After preparing the flavorings, the next step is to prepare the base. It’s usually made by mixing VG and PG in a ratio of 80 and 20.

Once everything is ready, it’s time to shake and blend them all. For that, all of the ingredients must be added to the clean bottle. The final step is steeping. It’s like the process of aging which fines the flavor of an e-juice. If upon taste, the e-juice tastes perfect then this step can be skipped however if it doesn’t then the prepared E-juice can be placed in a dark and cool space for some time to attain the required results.


For a regular vaper or somebody new to it, trying out different e-juices is something that everyone is curious about. However, these can also be made at home with some simple steps which need to be carefully followed. How to make an e-juice with household items is something that would resolve this issue and would make the entire vaping experience budget friendly for the users.