If you have a Geek Bar and you have put it to charge, how to know if your Geek Bar is fully charged? It has LED indicator lights which shows the battery power. Each model has its own way of showing the current status, some change the color, starts to blink or completely switches off. However, as we are talking specifically about the Geek Bar vape here, in this comprehensive guide, we will get to know when your device is fully charged and ready to be unplugged from the charger. Let’s learn!

How To Know If Your Geek Bar is Fully Charged; Geek Bar Vape Overview

how to know if your geek bar is fully charged geek bar vape overview

Geek Bar is an e-cigarette manufacturing brand which is popular for their disposable vaping devices. It was established in 2015. Users who are interested in smart vaping and are picky when it comes to the flavors, Geek Bar is a great option for them as it offers both. It’s a disposable vape that has a dual mesh coil inside with a full-size LED screen and also has an advanced dual core which allows the user to have two varying performance settings that include Pulse Mode and Regular Mode.

When someone wants an intense flavor with dense vapor production, they can use the pulse mode, whereas if someone wants a more efficient vaping that will last them for approximately 15,000 puffs, they can switch to regular mode. It offers a variety of flavors and comes with a nicotine strength of 5%.

Understanding the Charging Indicator Lights

understanding the charging indicator lights

Many variations have been introduced in Geek Bar vape and each has its own battery capacity with its own specific charge time. For instance, the Geek Bar Pulse takes about 38 minutes to complete its charge when its empty. There are indicator lights that display the battery status of vape and when its full, the illuminated light will disappear which indicates that the charging process has been completed. 

The indicator lights have different purpose as they are made to show what’s happening with the device and indicates the battery and e-juice levels. Usually when the e-juice gets empty, the light at the bottom of the base blinks and shows that it won’t be sufficient for vapor production. The LED light shows works like a sensor and shows when the vaping device fires or when it gets empty. However, if the light is always on that shows that there is a fault with the device. 

The Geek Bar has a 550 mAh battery inside which gives enough power to generate 575 puffs and can last for 1 to 2 days depending upon the consumption. It has a smart battery indicator which helps the user to monitor the battery status of their device ensuring that they are always aware of when to recharge it.

Time Required for Full Charge

time required for full charge

The Geek Bar Pulse takes about 38 minutes because it has 550 mAh battery capacity and as it increases, the time required for charge also increases. For example, if you have a Geek Bar B5000 disposable vape, it will take around 45 minutes to an hour to completely charge because it is equipped with 650mAh rechargeable battery inside. Both of these offer a quick recharge time to make sure users do not have to wait much to vape again. 

Testing the Battery Level

testing the battery level

In order to test the battery level of a Geek Bar vape, the LED indicators are present on the device which can be referred to. Usually the Geek Bar comes pre-charged and is disposable when it has 550 mAh battery inside but as the power increases, the device can be recharged. The LED changes color to show the current status like it turns to red when the battery is low and the device needs a recharge. With the advancements being made, the newer models have LED screen that displays battery life over it and helps the user to monitor it. 

Safety Precautions During Charging Process

safety precautions during charging process

While charging the Geek Bar or any vape, it’s essential that users always follow the safety precautions as it helps in maintaining the integrity and longevity of device. The USB cable is included in the package when the Geek Bar B5000 is bought and it takes about somewhere between 45 to an hour to completely charge the device. The cord provided should only be used for safe charging. Usually a faulty cable can cause disruption in charge which leads to adversely affecting the battery life. 

It often occurs that people leave their devices on charge for longer periods of time. Overcharging damages the battery and you should always unplug the device when its charged. LED indicators have been installed to make sure the user gets a know how of their battery status. While charging, it is important that you keep a track of these indicators and if they stop illuminating, you unplug it because it means the device has reached its full potential. 

Troubleshooting Common Charging Issues

troubleshooting common charging issues

If something happens with the device and you see its not charging, you can troubleshoot some common charging issues if you have knowledge about them. For instance, checking the charging cable to find any physical damage, verifying the power source to see it isn’t faulty, cleaning the device to clean up dirt from the port, observing the compartments are in place and the connection plate is aligned. If nothing works, maybe its time to consult the customer service for replacement. 


Geek Bar vape has indicator lights located at the bottom or base which goes off when the battery is fully charged. When it turns red, it means the battery is draining and its time for a recharge. Some models even have LED screen on them to show complete battery status for better monitoring.

Safety precautions must be followed to make sure your device doesn’t get damaged and lose its integrity. It also helps in maintaining its longevity. If the device is having trouble charging up, a few of the common issues can be troubleshooted with appropriate care. 

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