Do you want to master the art of ghost vaping? This is the perfect spot for you with a comprehensive guide if you want to learn everything about it. Vaping with a ghost is a unique technique that uses a different inhaling strategy than regular vaping. Rather than exhaling right after inhaling, as is done with conventional vaping, ghost vapors hold the vapor in their mouths for a short while before slowly releasing it, producing a hypnotic illusion.

What makes ghost vaping better than other ways, though? Not only does the thick, billowing clouds of vapor look nice, but ghost vaping may also have health benefits, such as easier inhales and stronger flavor profiles. Well, some find it easier on the throat, and if you use nicotine-containing e-liquid, you may even be able to enjoy the flavor without the full impacts of the nicotine. Ghost vaping could change your vaping game and surprise your friends with your cloud patterns!

An Exploration of the Ghost Vaping Technique

an exploration of the ghost vaping technique

Ghost vaping goes beyond smoking! The key to a spectacular effect is making a huge, billowing cloud that floats in the sky. 

  • To do this, you need to know the difference between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL) inhalation. The inhalation technique for MTL is analogous to sipping from a straw. The tiny vapor is simpler to manage and hold in your mouth (ideal for ghost vaping!). However, DL inhales are like deep breathing. Because the vapor goes straight to your lungs, they produce thicker clouds and are difficult to manage for ghost vaping.
  • Vape devices are the key to producing dense clouds. Choose an e-liquid with more vegetable glycerin (VG). VG creates larger, fluffier clouds and is thicker than propylene glycol (PG), the second primary component of e-liquid. Adjust your vape’s wattage. Vaporization is more efficient with higher wattage, resulting in bigger clouds. Also, how you inhale matters. Inhale slowly and steadily to draw in more vapor for a better ghost.

How to Perfect the Ghost Inhale Method by Step by Step

how to perfect the ghost inhale method by step by step

Ready to make some really cool ghost clouds? Discover the secret to doing it flawlessly! 

Prepare vape device

To begin, prepare your vaporizer. If your device has a coil as its heating source, prime it with a few quick puffs to prevent a burnt flavor. 

Mouth to lung inhale

Remember to change your settings so that you can inhale mouth-to-lung (MTL), as we discussed before. Pull the vapor into your mouth slowly and deliberately, as if you were sipping from a straw. 

Hold the vape

Most importantly, don’t breathe in the vapor by mistake! After you’ve inhaled some vapor, it’s time to mold your “ghost.” 

Push the air out

Make a small “O” shape with your lips and use your tongue to gently push the air out. Visualize making a small smoke ring.

Pull the ghost back

The tricky part is to quickly open your mouth and breathe in again while the vapor cloud is hanging in front of your face. This will pull the ghost back in.

The key is practice and timing. Don’t stress if you mess up the first time; practice makes perfect. Before you know it, you’ll be vaping like a pro!

Advanced Techniques and Tips

advanced techniques and tips

You are attempting to perfect your phantom inhales, but the clouds are not appearing as dense and dramatic as you would like. No need to fret; you can up your ghost vaping game in a number of ways! 

  • You can play around with your e-liquid by trying out various VG/PG ratios. Higher VG levels produce bigger clouds, ideal for ghost vaping.
  •  You can also change the wattage of your vape to make more heat and smoke. To add a cold, refreshing touch to your ghost inhales, try using menthol e-liquid! 
  • The key to success is consistent practice! Control and timing are two aspects of ghost vaping that improve with practice.

Common Problems and Their Solutions

common problems and their solutions

Now, let’s troubleshoot some common issues. 

  • Check your device’s settings and attempt a slower, more controlled MTL inhale if the vapor seems thin. 
  • Doing the coughing thing? Try lowering the vape’s temperature setting for a more comfortable experience, and watch out that you don’t inhale the vapor into your lungs by accident.
  •  Last, are you having trouble catching the ghost? Time and control are the key factors. Keep working on those short inhales so you can catch that cloud in the air!


At last, you have it! Everything you needed to know about ghost vaping, from the proper technique to how to get the ideal inhalation, has been covered. Keep in mind that the point of ghost vaping is not to inhale the vapor but rather to make lovely clouds. Master the art of ghost vaping with practice, a mouth-to-lung inhalation, and a little experimentation with VG/PG ratios, wattage settings, and timing! 

You’re missing out if you’re not trying out various exhale shapes and approaches with your ghost vape. Grab your vape, practice, and amaze everyone else with your cloud formations! Remember that vaping is for adults and that safety is paramount. Go ghost vaping!

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