If you are looking for how to get rid of vape smell, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

The World’s changing with each passing moment. Each era has a different trend. There was a time when cigars and cigarettes were in fashion. However, in today’s world, the trends have changed. People are switching to e-cigarettes. Vapes are becoming common like never before. Constant vaping leads to a lingering smell.

If you vape in long sessions, it’s quite hard to get rid of the smell it leaves behind. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. If you are looking for ways to Get Rid of Vape Smell from your room, clothes, and car, certain tips can help you. Let’s dig into it!

How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell; What Causes The Smell?

How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell; What Causes The Smell

Vapes are electronic devices, unlike traditional cigarettes. But they still lead to smell. It’s because the e-juice within them burns up to create vapors for the users. They inhale the heated e-juice and its components are released into their nearby environment. Just like traditional smoking, vaping also leads to passive releases. The person who vapes doesn’t even realize the smell that is present within their environment. In any case, the smell is unpleasant and must be getting rid of. 

Before we discuss the solutions, it’s important to learn about the vape smell and why it persists for so long. The e-juice consists of various components. They contain flavoring along with nicotine and have many aromatic compounds. All these when combined lead to a noticeable smell. It’s not just the burning of these components that leads to this, it’s also the vapor that is created during vaping. It settles down on all surfaces including the cloth fabric which contributes to the overall vape odor. 

How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell; Steps To Reduce Vape Smell

How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell; Steps To Reduce Vape Smell
  1. Good Ventilation

The smell isn’t going anywhere unless and until there is some sort of good ventilation and open airflow available in the area. To do it, there are a few things that the users can do. These include opening the doors or windows. Users must make it their habit that whenever they smoke, they must open the windows up. 

The reason is that it allows fresh air circulation and the vape smell which is present will dissipate outwards. Another thing that helps is using fans. It provides air circulation. Any sort of fan which might be a ceiling fan or an oscillating fan would help. Air purifiers like a HEPA filter can help with the odor. These can capture airborne particles. 

     2. Regular Cleaning 

Maintenance is necessary to ensure that the living space is free from the smell of vape. It can be done by cleaning the surfaces. To clean them, you can use water mixed with vinegar. When this mixture is used as a cleaner, it helps neutralize the vape smell. The next step is to wash the fabrics which are present in your area. 

These include the curtains and bed or sofa coverings. If you wash them up with a cup of white vinegar, it will help with the odor. Cleaning the pod helps in preventing the residual build-up. If it’s not cleaned properly, it creates more smell. Its compartments can be cleaned using alcohol swabs. 

     3. Absorbents

Many different components have odor-absorbing qualities. Some of these include activated charcoal, baking soda, and odor-absorbing sprays. If activated charcoal has to be used, it must be kept in bags in the area where the user vapes. It’s one of the most prominent and popular ways of eliminating odor.

Another technique is to sprinkle baking soda on surfaces (fabric or carpets). It must be kept there for hours and then it can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. There are sprays available in the market which help in eliminating the vape smell. 

4. Eliminating Vape Smell From Car

It’s quite challenging to eliminate odor from your car, unlike the house. However, certain tips help. These include using an air freshener. It is advised to use a good scent but it must not be so overpowering that it gets hard to breathe inside.

The car’s interior must be cleaned properly. It includes cleaning the carpets and surfaces thoroughly. If the user can keep their windows open while vaping, it’s even better. But if it’s not possible then they can open it for sometimes which will allow the odor to dissipate. 

5. Vape Outdoor

If you think that you can vape outside, you can prevent the indoor vape smell. Some of the tips that can help with your outdoor vaping include creating a designated vaping area and staying downwind to avoid the vapor coming back toward you. 

6. Prevention

If you are interested in removing the unpleasant vape smell, it’s better to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Some preventive measures that you can take include using e-juices that are odorless. Companies do make e-liquids that do not produce lingering smells. Consider using them. Fabrics absorb smells, so to prevent them from doing so, always exhale away from your clothes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your vape helps too. 


Vaping is a new trend and has replaced traditional cigarettes. Just like cigarettes they also produce a smell that lingers on. To remove that smell, certain tips do help. These include good ventilation where the air is circulated well, cleaning the surfaces and washing the fabrics, and using odor absorbents. Apart from that, the smell from the car can be removed by cleaning the interior regularly, opening the windows, and using air fresheners.

Vaping outside is a good option too. Even though these things help in eliminating the odor, preventive measures will help in reducing their occurrence. These include using e-juices that are odorless and cleaning regularly. The vape must be cleaned at regular intervals to reduce build-up and it will reduce the production of smell. 

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