If you are wondering how to get juice out of a novo pod, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know. To extract the juice from a Novo pod, follow these simple steps. Collect your supplies, which may include a clean tissue or paper towel, tweezers or pliers, a fine needle or pin, and a new bottle of e-liquid if you intend to refill the pod.

  1. First, remove the Novo pod from your device. On the bottom of the pod, look for a silicone cap or stopper covering the fill hole. Gently peel it off with your fingertips or a small tool.
  2. There are currently numerous methods for obtaining the juice. Another option is to gently squeeze the sides of the pod to allow the liquid to drain. Excessive pressure may cause leaks or damage to the pod.
  3. Alternatively, you can use a small needle or pin to puncture the bottom of the pod, allowing the liquid to drain. Take care not to hurt yourself or the pod.
  4. If the juice is stubborn and won’t come out easily, use tweezers or small pliers to gently grab and extract the wick. This operation requires extreme caution to prevent shredding the wick or damaging the pod.
  5. Rinse and dry the pod after emptying it. Refill the pod with new e-liquid, but don’t overfill.
  6. Finally, place the pod in your Novo device. New pods and e-liquid let you vape again.
  7. Handle the Novo pod carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Get Juice Out Of A Novo Pod Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have everything you need before attempting to extract juice from a Novo pod. The process will be much easier and faster if you have the correct tools. You will require the following items:

  • During the process of extracting the juice from the nova pod, a clean paper towel or tissue will come in helpful in the event that any juice is spilled or is left over.
  • Use these tools to securely grasp the pod and carefully remove it from the plant.
  • A small needle or pin inserted into the bottom of the pod allows the juice to flow easily.
  • A fresh bottle of e-liquid is required whenever the pod has to be refilled.

These components make certain that the extraction process is carried out without any hiccups and does not come to a halt for no discernible cause. When utilizing implements such as needles or pins, exercise extreme caution so that you do not injure yourself or destroy the pod.

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Removing The Novo Pod From The Device

Removing The Novo Pod From The Device

Remove a Novo pod using the company’s tool before extracting juice from the device. Then it will be juiced. Following these steps will safely remove the pod from your body:

  • Turning off the Novo device confirms that it is not being used. Turn off the pod before removing it. This prevents fires and spills when removing the pod.
  • Locate the Novo pod, a cartridge-like component that holds e-liquid. Novo pods are at the device’s base. You’ll recognize it as a cartridge.
  • Bringing the pod and equipment is highly advised. Hold the Novo gadget and a pod with one hand. A little pressure will release the pod from the gadget.
  • Hold the gadget and pod together, then carefully remove the pod. These steps disconnect the pod. This detaches the pod. Remove the pod easily.
  • The extraction process will go smoothly if you remove the Novo pod carefully. Preventing gadget or pod damage requires special vigilance.

Removing The Silicone Cap Or Stopper

Removing The Silicone Cap Or Stopper
  • To extract the juice, remove the rubber cap or stopper that covers the fill hole on the bottom of the Novo pod. To get rid of it, follow these steps:
  • Look for the silicone cap or stopper. With a little piece of rubber or silicone, seal the fill hole at the bottom of the Novo pod. It is constructed in such a way that it does not leak when used.
  • Gently take off the cap or stopper by pressing on the edge with your fingertips or a small device such as a needle. Lift it up and away from the fill hole with care.
  • Remove the cap or stopper. Keep it clean and secure after you’ve removed it. Keep it available if you need to replace or reseal the pod.
  • The pod’s juice is accessible by removing the plastic lid. This guarantees the next extraction method will work. Avoid breaking or losing the cap or stopper.

Gentle Squeezing Method

Gently squeezing a Novo pod is one method for getting the juice. To apply this method, do the following:

  1. Maintain a firm grip on the Novo pod and avoid applying excessive pressure, which could cause it to shatter or leak.
  2. Gently push the sides of the pod with your thumb and fingers. Starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  3. Continue squeezing: Squeeze the pod lightly while sliding your fingertips along the sides. This helps move the e-liquid around inside the pod, increasing the likelihood of it leaking.
  4. Squeeze a clean tissue or paper towel under the pod to collect the juice. This eliminates spills and simplifies cleanup.
  5. Squeeze the pod once more if necessary. In the event that any juice is lost or spilled during the process of extracting the juice from the fruit, having a clean paper towel or tissue on hand will be of great assistance in cleaning up the mess.


Finally, there are other ways to obtain Novo pod juice. Use these methods. 

Squeezing the pod gently, using needles, pins, tweezers, or other equipment, and extracting the seeds by hand are all choices. You must have the necessary equipment and instructions to guarantee that everything works properly. Only by paying close attention to detail will this work be finished.

To access the e-liquid within, remove the Novo pod from its device and the plastic lid or stopper. E-liquid is available after these phases. Then, choose the finest method for removing the juice from the pod without shattering it or letting the liquid escape. Next, select the most effective method.

Take care of the pod and other devices, and keep a clean paper towel or tissue accessible to catch juice spills. These steps prevent juice stains. After extraction, refill the pod with e-liquid. If you want it. Finally, Novo pods must be emptied before refilling with new e-liquid. Fresher flavor improves vaping. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for Novo pod usage. Maximizes device utilization.

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