If you’re a vaping enthusiast and own a Voopoo Drag, you might have encountered the frustrating “Check Atomizer” error at some point. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. If you are wondering how to fix check atomizer on Voopoo Drag, the good news is that it’s usually an easy problem to solve. This blog will walk you through simple steps to troubleshoot and fix the “Check Atomizer” problem on your Voopoo Drag device. You’ll be back to enjoying your favorite e-liquids!

How to Fix Check Atomizer on Voopoo Drag

We’ve broken down some simple solutions for you to fix the check atomizer error on your Voopoo Drag. By following these steps, you can fix the issue in no time. 

Check Your Coil Connection 

The first thing to inspect when you encounter the “Check Atomizer” message is the coil connection. The Voopoo Drag has a 510-threaded connector where your atomizer or tank screws in. Sometimes, a loose or dirty connection can trigger this error. Here’s what to do:

Turn Off Your Device

Always start by turning off your Voopoo Drag to ensure safety.

Remove the Atomizer

Gently unscrew your atomizer or tank from the device.

Inspect the 510 Pin

Look at the 510 pin on both your Voopoo Drag and atomizer. Make sure they are clean and free from debris or e-liquid residue.

Reattach the Atomizer

Screw the atomizer back onto the device, making sure it’s snug but not overtightened.

Power On 

power on

Turn your Voopoo Drag back on; it should recognize the atomizer without any issues.

How to Fix Check Atomizer on Voopoo Drag; Check Your Coil 

A worn-out or faulty coil can sometimes trigger the “Check Atomizer” error. Coils have a lifespan, and they eventually need to be replaced. Here’s what to do:

Turn Off Your Device: 

As always, safety first. Turn off your Voopoo Drag.

Remove the Atomizer

Take the atomizer off your device.

Inspect the Coil

Examine the coil closely for any signs of damage or wear. If you see burnt wicks or a visibly damaged coil, it’s time to replace it.

Replace the Coil

If needed, install a new coil in your atomizer following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reattach the Atomizer

Screw the atomizer back onto your Voopoo Drag.

Power On

Turn on your device, and it should recognize the new coil without any issues.

Clean Your Device 

Sometimes, residue and e-liquid buildup can interfere with the connection between the atomizer and the device. Regular cleaning can help prevent the error. Here’s how:

Turn Off Your Device

Always start by turning off your Voopoo Drag.


Take apart your atomizer and Voopoo Drag.

Clean Thoroughly 

Use a clean, dry cloth or a cotton swab to wipe down the 510 pin on both the device and atomizer. Be gentle but thorough.



Put everything back together and ensure it’s securely attached.

Power On

Turn on your Voopoo Drag; it should recognize the atomizer now.

Check Your E-Liquid Level 

Monitoring your e-liquid level is essential, as vaping with an empty tank or insufficient e-liquid can trigger this error. Here’s what to do:

Inspect E-Liquid Level

Check the e-liquid level in your tank or atomizer. If it’s too low, the coil may not be adequately saturated.

Top Off Your Tank

If the e-liquid level is low, refill your tank with your favorite e-liquid. Ensure the coil is properly saturated before use.

Prime Your Coil

If you’ve replaced the coil, it’s crucial to prime it properly by applying a few drops of e-liquid directly to the coil’s cotton wick before reassembling the atomizer.

Check for Leaks

check for leaks

Examine your atomizer and tank for leaks, as leaks can also disrupt the connection and trigger the error.

Update Firmware 

How to Fix Check Atomizer on Voopoo Drag; Voopoo occasionally releases firmware updates that can address software-related issues, including the “Check Atomizer” error. Here’s what to do:

Visit Voopoo’s Website

Go to Voopoo’s official website and navigate to the support or downloads section.

Check for Updates 

Look for any available firmware updates for your Voopoo Drag device.

Download and Install

Follow the provided instructions to download and install the firmware update onto your device.

Reboot Your Device 

After updating, reboot your Voopoo Drag and check if the error persists.

How to Fix Check Atomizer on Voopoo Drag; Seek Professional Help 

seek professional help

If you’ve tried all the above steps and the error still won’t go away, it might be time to seek professional assistance. Contact Voopoo customer support or visit a reputable vape shop like Smokes and Vapes for expert advice and potential repairs.

Bottom Line

By reading this blog you must have gotten the answer of your question about how to fix check atomizer on Voopoo Drag. Encountering the “Check Atomizer” error on your Voopoo Drag can be frustrating, but it’s often a simple issue to fix. 

By checking and cleaning the coil connection, inspecting your coil, keeping your device clean, monitoring your e-liquid level, updating firmware, and seeking professional help, you can resolve this problem and continue enjoying your hassle-free vaping experience. 

Remember that safety should always come first, so ensure your device is turned off before making any adjustments. Happy vaping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “Check Atomizer” error message mean on my Voopoo Drag?

This error message typically appears when your Voopoo Drag cannot detect or connect with the atomizer or coil. It can be triggered by various issues, such as a loose connection, a faulty coil, or e-liquid residue interfering with the contact points.

Why does my Voopoo Drag still show the “Check Atomizer” message after I’ve cleaned and reattached the atomizer?

If the “Check Atomizer” message persists after cleaning and reattaching the atomizer, other underlying issues might exist. Check the coil for damage, ensure it’s properly seated, and ensure there’s enough e-liquid in the tank. If the problem continues, consider updating the firmware or seeking professional assistance.

How often should I replace the coil to prevent this kind of error?

The frequency of coil replacement varies depending on your vaping habits and the type of e-liquid you use. On average, coils may last one to two weeks, but some last longer. Keep an eye on the coil’s condition – if you notice a burnt taste or diminished vapor production, it’s time to replace it. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also extend a coil’s lifespan.

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