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how to do vaping tricks for beginners

Whether you’re a novice vaper or an experienced cloud chaser, it’s always entertaining to watch your favorite e-liquid produce vapor. We’ll admit that there are some of our creations that we just have to reach out and touch with our fingers. However, some of us are urged to produce more than just a stunning vapor cloud. We desire to perform tricks! So, This article is on how to do vaping tricks for beginners.

How To Do Vaping Tricks For Beginners

Here are some vaping tricks for beginners, there are some intermediate level tricks too.

The Ghost (Beginner Level)

How To Do Vaping Tricks For Beginners

This vape trick is relatively easy, referred to as the Mushroom Cloud or the Snap Inhale. Simply blow out a cloud of vapor and quickly inhale it again. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Start by inhaling deeply from your preferred vape device. Before forcing the vapor into your mouth in a ball, give it a few seconds to stay there. Instead of going for a massive cloud, you should aim for a brief burst of vapor. Once that vapor ball has been expelled, quickly draw it back in until only a “ghost” of vapor is left. Although this trick doesn’t require a lot of practice or knowledge, you should try it out on your own before trying to impress others.

The Dragon (Beginner Level)

The Dragon (Beginner Level)

For this trick, Start by drawing profoundly and slowly from your vape device, but don’t let it fill your entire lung cavity. Use your nose, the sides of your mouth, and the center of your lips to firmly expel the vapor. It might take some time for your lips to get used to this because it might feel a little awkward when you first pucker your mouth in this way. The goal is to exhale four different vapor streams in one.

This concludes our beginner tricks. Move on to the intermediate level now! Try some of these, even if you’re still getting the hang of the first two tricks. Although they might seem a little more challenging, keep in mind that even experienced vape trickers have to start somewhere. So, That’s all for how to do vaping tricks for beginners. Coming up next we’ve got some intermediate-level vaping tricks.

The French Inhale (Intermediate)

The French Inhale (Intermediate)

Fun fact: Vapers aren’t the only ones who can use this trick. This is something that cigarette smokers have been doing for a while! The Irish waterfall is another name for the French Inhale (no one knows why). It resembles a reverse waterfall more.

Moving your tongue to the back of your mouth can effectively hold the vapor while taking a big drag. Imagine a waterfall of vapor pouring out of your mouth as you slowly open it. Take care not to force your breath out or blow harshly. Just enough space should be left in your mouth for the vapor to escape. Make sure not to exhale as you pull your lower lip out to force the vapor to move upward and toward your nose.

Continue to expel the vapor by moving your tongue slowly toward the front of your mouth, being careful not to do so too quickly. It’s time to start using your nose to breathe now! Continue using your tongue to push the vapor out of your mouth while breathing through your nose. You will eventually breathe in your mouth the pushed-out vapor, which will resemble an upside-down waterfall. It will take some practice and attempts to perfect this trick, but the result is so amazing that it will all be worthwhile.

The O-Ring (Intermediate)

The O-Ring (Intermediate)

Many people who ask how to do vaping tricks for beginners often want to learn this trick. This highly sought-after trick, which is unquestionably one of the most recognizable for both smokers and vapers, serves as a springboard for performing many other tricks at the intermediate and expert levels. Don’t confuse its popularity with simplicity, though. When you first try this trick, it will frustrate you, but if you stick with it, you’ll be blowing o’s for days!

Start by drawing on your vape device, but watch out not to give yourself a lung hit. You must form an O with your mouth once it is filled with vapor. Your lips should form a large O, and your tongue should be flat on your mouth. After that, force the vapor from your throat to create that coveted O! A light cough that doesn’t cause you to suffocate on the vapor in your mouth is helpful.

The Tornado (Intermediate)

How To Do Vaping Tricks For Beginners

This trick has become quite popular in real life and social media. A flat pool of vapor that has been whipped upwards and spun up into the shape of a twister is used in this nifty trick.

You’ll need a flat surface, such as a big book or a countertop, to get started. Take a big drag of vapor to start. If you’re a beginner, use a paper towel or paper cardboard tube to force the vapor onto the surface. To prevent the vapor from dispersing, more experienced vapers can simply breathe it slowly onto the surface. Then, spread your ring and pinky, which are your fourth and fifth fingers, outward and place them on the surface. (Alternatively, you could clench your fingers into a salute and lower your salted hand into the vapor.)

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand the next part immediately; it’s a little tricky. Drive your hand quickly in a saluted or splayed shape vertically to simulate a tornado’s whipping motion. Ensure there isn’t much other wind where you’re doing this (air conditioner, fan, people walking by).


How to do vaping tricks for beginners? It’s a question we are asked most often. Start with these five until you feel like you’ve mastered them; there are quite a few more. Depending on your experience level, certain tricks will be more straightforward to execute or more challenging to master. Whatever the case, using these tips is a fantastic way to amuse your friends, kill time on a gloomy afternoon, or just improve your vaping abilities. Have you used any of these techniques or developed a more straightforward method for how to do vaping tricks for beginners? What is your go-to vaping technique? Tell us in the comments section below!

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