If you are among the millions of vapers who own an auto firing vaporizer that serves no purpose for you, then you are not alone. Auto firing vapes are classified as e-waste, which is distinct from regular trash. You should know how to dispose of auto firing vape properly. It is critical for your own safety as well as the environment. 

The number of people switching from cigarettes to vapes is rapidly increasing. Many people believe that vaping is less harmful to one’s health than smoking. Vape pens come in a variety of flavors and are stylish and convenient. In addition to all of these advantages, these electronic devices have a drawback. It could malfunction at any time, just like any other electronic device. Auto firing vapes are one of the most prevalent issues. Before discussing the ways to dispose of an auto firing vape, it is necessary to first define an auto firing vape.

What is an Auto-Firing Vape?

what is an auto firing vape

There are two different ways to activate your vaping device. The first way to turn on the device is to press the power button. This is the manual activation of the vape. The second method is auto firing, which activates the vape when you inhale. This is the automatic way to turn on your device. However, auto firing refers to the activation of a vaping device even if you do not touch it. The vape activates unexpectedly while in your purse or pocket, which can be both embarrassing and dangerous. Auto firing vapes should be disposed of with extreme caution because they contain chemically hazardous materials.

Different Methods to Dispose of an Auto Firing Vape

An auto firing vape contains high energy lithium ion batteries. If a battery component fails due to poor manufacturing or is damaged due to misuse, it can cause overheating or result in a dangerous explosion. You should be cautious and understand how to dispose of  auto firing vape. To get rid of the auto firing device, use any of the methods listed below.

1. How to Dispose of Auto Firing Vape By Yourself

how to dispose of auto firing vape by yourself

If you come across an auto-firing vape, follow these simple steps to get rid of it.

A. Drain Out the Battery 

If your vape is continuously firing, immediately place it in a sealed metal container and leave it there overnight to drain the battery completely. Once the battery is depleted, it is now safe to disassemble the device.

B. Disassemble the Parts of Device

disassemble the parts of device

An auto firing vape is made up of several components, including the vape’s body, a battery, a coil to heat up the e-liquid, and an e-liquid tank. All these parts work together to produce flavorful vapors. The most dangerous parts of an auto firing vape are its battery and cartridge. Carefully separate the tank from the battery using pliers and scissors. Avoid using force on it, as this may result in a fire.

C. Drain Out E-Liquid

Once all the parts are separated, empty the vape tank. E-liquid contains harmful chemicals that can contaminate waste. Drain out all the e-liquid from the cartridge and rinse it thoroughly with water. If you discard your vape tank along with your e-liquid, you will be posing a serious threat to the environment.

D. Dispose of All the Parts Separately

It is time to dispose of all the parts of an auto firing vape separately. Put all the metal parts except the battery in a plastic bag, and all other plastic components in a separate bag, and place them in their respective trash bins. Keep the battery in a dry, clean bag, and dispose of it with other e-waste.

2. Recycling

Alternative methods are available if you do not want to dispose of an auto-firing vape on your own. The best method is to recycle all the parts of the device. Recycling contributes to waste reduction and the creation of new things that benefit others. Send them to the nearest recycling center, which is equipped to handle this type of waste.

3. Resell or Donate

You can also resell the device and get some money. There are many people looking for these faulty devices. They purchase them at a lower cost and separate all parts in order to reuse the working parts in another product. You can donate your device to an educational institution doing science projects. During their project, they require small electronic components that are difficult to find on the market. For others, your trash might be their treasure.

4. Repair and Reuse

If your auto firing vape comes under warranty, send it to the respective company for repair and maintenance. Do not try to fix it yourself because it could be dangerous. You can also get it repaired by some local repair shop, and its ready to use again.



How to dispose of auto firing vape; Electronic gadgets are designed to make our lives easier by responding to our commands. They become dangerous and life-threatening when they become out of control. To prevent  your vape from auto firing, clean it regularly. Always keep your device in an upright position to prevent the leakage of e-liquid. Buy your products from reliable sources and stay away from fake devices. Cheap and low-quality products are more susceptible to overheating and catching fire. Avoid storing vapes in your purse or pocket with metal objects such as coins or keychains, which can form a circuit with a battery and cause a spark.

 When you are finished using the vape, dispose of it carefully rather than just throwing it anywhere. It is very important for the user to understand the rules and regulations for e-waste disposal. By following these steps on how to dispose of auto firing vape, you will be able to prevent any mishaps and enjoy vaping.

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