If you are looking for how to clean vape tank, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

Owning a vape requires regular maintenance. If you need your vape to function properly, you need to clean it. It not only affects its performance but also leads to an increase in its shelf life. Vapes like any other device cannot function for long if they are not being taken care of. They need to get opened up and need a thorough cleaning in and out. The reason behind it is simple, when the vapes are being used, residue builds up which alters its performance. However, people wonder how to clean vape tanks. Let’s learn in detail how to do it properly!

How To Clean Vape Tank; Why Clean It?

How To Clean Vape Tank; Why Clean It

Before a user gets into the cleaning phase, they need to understand why the cleaning is necessary in the first place. It is a crucial step because:

  1. Residues build within the vape tank due to the e-juice inside. If the tank is not cleaned from within, it keeps on building layers on each other. It alters the taste of your e-juice. Therefore proper cleaning of these residues is necessary to experience good flavour.
  2. Cleaning would prevent any clogging. If the residues are built up, they will lead to blockages. These blockages will not only affect the airflow but will also lead to leakages. 
  3. If you are not into replacements often, then you can avoid that by cleaning your vape and maintaining it. It will increase its life span. 
  4. Hygiene is necessary, especially with the things that you intake. If cleaning is not done, it will give rise to the production of bacteria within the tank. 

How To Clean Vape Tank; Cleaning Supplies

A few supplies are needed to perform the cleaning process, these include some distilled warm water, Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol in a concentration of 90 percent, microfiber cloth for wiping and drying, toothbrush or cotton swabs for scrubbing, gloves and a container for holding all the vape components. 

How To Clean Vape Tank; The Cleaning Process

How To Clean Vape Tank; The Cleaning Process
  1. The first step is to disassemble the vape into its components. This can be done by separating the tank from your pod and then further pieces can be removed from it. The tip of it which is the mouthpiece will be removed; the glass tube can be removed by slightly sliding it, unscrewing the coil from its base, and then detaching the base from its tank. 
  2. The second step is to discard the e-juice which is present within the tank. This step must be performed with care and the e-juice must not come in contact with the skin of the user. It must be discarded into an empty container and then it can be disposed off. 
  3. Once the tank is empty, you can now rinse it with warm water. It will remove the remaining e-juice from it. It can be done under the tap directly and it will remove most of the residue from it. 
  4. After rinsing them, take the bowl and put Alcohol in it. All the components can now be submerged into it. Let these soak for at least 30 minutes. This step helps in removing the residue.
  5. Take them out one by one and scrub them. You can use a toothbrush for that purpose or a cotton swab. You must be gentle with the components otherwise harsh scrubbing will damage them. 
  6. Once the scrubbing is done, rinse it again with warm water. This way, all the residues along with alcohol will be removed. If the alcohol isn’t removed, it will be harmful while inhaling.
  7. Now comes the drying part. Use a paper towel or the microfiber cleaning cloth and dry each component thoroughly. You must be very careful as there should be no moisture left after drying.
  8. As each component is now fully dried, reassemble them back into their original shape. While doing it, it must be ensured that each one fits perfectly together. The best way is to start with the base and coil. Screw them and then attach the glass tube. The final step is to attach the mouthpiece. 
  9. Now the vape is reassembled, now you must prime your coil. This step is crucial as it prevents dry hits to the throat. To prime it, a few drops of e-juice must be added to the coil and some time should be given for it to saturate it completely.
  10. As the tank is now clean, it can be filled with e-juice. Just make sure the tank isn’t overfilled. Once full, reattach it to the pod. 

How To Clean Vape Tank; Some Useful Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Vape Tank; Some Useful Cleaning Tips

The vape must be cleaned after every 1 to 2 weeks. However, it depends on a lot of other factors too. If the e-juice flavor is often changed, you must clean it every time you fill the tank with a new flavor. Apart from that, if you vape for long sessions, then the cleaning frequency must also be enhanced.

If you maintain regular cleaning, then you must change the coil too because, over time, it will degrade and will alter the taste and flavor of any e-juice. Warm water and rubbing alcohol are enough for cleaning purposes, do not use harsh chemicals. It will build up harmful chemicals. Lastly, be gentle while cleaning. 


If you have a vape, you must also focus on its cleaning. It’s a simple task but it very essential for vape health. If users want to experience good vape sessions, they must maintain good hygiene too. Only a few cleaning supplies are needed and then the process of cleaning is rather simple. Just remove all compartments, rinse them, soak them, pat them dry, and reassemble them together. Fill the tank again and enjoy!

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