Your guide to how to charge Juice Head vapes. Juice Head Bars are different from the standard disposable e-cigarettes. Juice Head Bars are the perfect embodiment of “ modern ” disposable vapes. Prefilled with 8 mL of e-juice, they give an extended vaping experience with a high yield of 3,000 puffs. Tobacco-free nicotine enhances the flavor for a more enjoyable hit without the burning sensation of regular nicotine. In standard disposable devices, the battery usually dies before the juice does. 

To ensure that the user can recharge the battery and enjoy the flavor up until the last puff, Juice Head Bars, however, feature a rechargeable battery. Mesh coil technology makes sure that the juice is heated evenly and more evenly without having to worry about burning the cotton and ruining the flavor. Compact, light, and smoothly designed to fit in your pocket. It additionally includes a micro USB charging cable! This vape satisfies all the needs of vape enthusiasts. And in this article, we will be talking about how to charge Juice Head vapes.

Built Quality

Regarding disposables, the Juice Head Bars are one of the most popular. They have a cozy whistle-tip mouthpiece and are rectangular-shaped. They have the appearance of a bulky Pez dispenser, which is okay with us. However, we don’t like the colorways because they are a little too loud, which makes stealth vaping more challenging than it needs to be. Although the colors—for example, red for strawberry—are meant to suggest the flavors themselves, we find the presentation to be over the top.

How Does It Hit?

The Juice Head Bars offer a genuine MTL, but there is no room for adjustment (or necessary.) The hits and any aspect of the vape’s performance have not failed. Their size conceals the vapes’ appeal. Usually, the larger disposables have an open draw. Not here! The Juice Head Bars have a tighter draw than the original Caliburn, despite being the size of an AIO.

The Juice Head Bars primarily come in iced or mentholated flavors, like most disposables available today. There is a decent kick with each puff, even though the menthol hit isn’t exactly a “throat hit.” We would be disappointed if there wasn’t any with 50 mg.

Interestingly, We never would have guessed that these contained zero tobacco nicotine (ZTN) salt instead of regular tobacco. Generally, we don’t like tobacco-free nicotine in vapes because it doesn’t sit well with us. Although it wasn’t our choice, I can understand why it exists, and we appreciate the flexibility it has given the industry, even temporarily. To our surprise, the Juice Head Bars vape’s taste, experience, and performance are the same as what one would expect from a regular nic salt vape. Perhaps the mixologists at Juice Head deserve some credit for that.

Onto how to charge Juice Head vapes:

How To Charge Juice Head Vapes?

Juice Head

Your Juice Head vape can be recharged quickly and easily. You will require a micro USB cable and a USB outlet to plug the device into to begin the process. There’s a chance you already have one around your home since these cables are frequently used to charge smartphones, headphones, and other devices. If not, don’t worry; micro USB cables are inexpensive and readily available from local or online retailers.

How to charge a Juice Head vapes? Follow these simple steps:

  • Your disposable rechargeable vape’s bottom cap should be removed to reveal the micro USB port.
  • The micro-USB end of the cable should go into the port on the vape first.
  • To start charging, insert the other end of the charging cable into a USB port on your computer or any other power outlet.

Today, many vape brands are starting to switch to type-C charging ports for their vapes instead of the traditional micro USB ports. It is a wise move, given that type C ports are among the most popular port types available. Additionally, it supports lightning-quick charging, enabling users to quickly recharge their vape’s battery.

Additionally, type C provides reversible recharging, so it makes no difference which way you plug it in. Your device will charge without issue. In addition, type-C technology provides faster data transfer rates than its predecessors.

Therefore, you can presume quicker load times and smoother overall performance, whether you’re streaming music or downloading videos. All of this makes type C an excellent option for powering contemporary vaping equipment, enhancing its effectiveness and user experience.

That would be the end of our how to charge Juice Head vapes section!


The flavors are fruity and sweet, as you can probably infer from their branding, but they are blended to be more complex than simple one-note tastes. In essence, each flavor is a “juice” flavor. Some of them, like the blueberry lemonade and the watermelon lime, are good, but others, like their pineapple strawberry and mango strawberry, didn’t appeal to us. However, we can disregard that as a matter of personal preference and what we would anticipate from any wide range of flavors.

Each flavor has a cooling sensation, barring any that we may be missing. We don’t like that part of it. Customers should have the option to decline a sensation as polarizing as menthol/koolada. Since when did the vaping community start to fall for the cooling sensation?

The entire list of flavors is given below:

  1. Watermelon lime
  2. Watermelon Strawberry
  3. Blueberry lemon
  4. Mango strawberry
  5. Peach pineapple
  6. Peach pear
  7. Double apple
  8. Strawberry kiwi
  9. Raspberry lemonade

Now let’s find out how many times the Juice Head Vape can be charged and how long it takes to recharge it.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Juice Head Vape?

The juice head bar features a 650 mAh battery, lasting about 3000 puffs. When charged using the type-C charger, this battery takes up to an hour to charge from 0 to 100%, and you can recharge it up to four times before the e-juice runs out.


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