People are usually looking for reliability and efficiency in products. Android charger serves it. Different chargers may not fulfill the charging requirements of a vape but an android is reliable and will provide the necessary output. There are certain things that need to be considered while learning how to charge a vape with an android charger. Let’s learn all these in detail!

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Why use an Android charger for your vape?

how to charge a vape with an android charger why use an android charger for your vape

It’s a common question that why should you use an android charger instead of an original one. The answer is the reliability of it. It’s compatible with vapes (not all, but still, majority of them can be charged using it). Apart from an android charger, others do not provide the required amperage output. But an android one has the capacity to deliver optimum power. 

Another big reason to use it is the safety it brings. When you are using it, there are no loose connections. As the android chargers have changed, the type C USB cable provides faster charging. It saves time. It doesn’t guarantee superior performance but the user knows they are using a trusted brand. 

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Understanding the basics of charging a vape

how to charge a vape with an android charger understanding the basics of charging a vape

Charging the vape with an android seems to be a simple task. However, it’s not that simple and has many factors that need to be considered while doing it. It’s crucial to choose and use the right charger. If the one being used is not compatible, it can lead to potential risks such as damage to your device’s battery. Secondly, charging the vape for short periods instead of an extended one is recommended. 

Overcharging can damage the vape. Usually the vapes have an inbuilt feature to protect against overcharging. They disconnect the battery and hence it remains safe. Charging the vape at extreme temperatures can temper the quality of battery. It will wear out sooner than expected and hence it’s important to store the vape or charge them at normal temperatures only. 

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Checking compatibility between your vape and charger

Vapers usually just concentrate on using high quality e-juices. But they totally ignore the charger which is a crucial component. Ensuring compatibility is a necessity because avoiding it will lead to mishaps. Compatibility is not just connecting the USB cable with the port. It goes far beyond that. It includes voltage and amperage. If the wrong charger is used, it can lead to explosions. Sometimes, it does occur that if you are not using an original charger, the android charger won’t charge your device at all. In those cases, only a recommended one can solve the issue.

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Steps to safely charge your vape with an Android charger

how to charge a vape with an android charger steps to safely charge your vape with an android charger

To charge your vape, you must ensure that your charger is in good condition. If any frayed wires are present, you must avoid using it. It’s not that it damages your device, but it also poses a great risk of fire hazard. The next thing is to check the adapter.

Usually the vapes have USB ports which connect with an android charger but the adapter which you use varies from model to model. As you ensure the compatibility of your adapter and your charger, you can plug these into a power source. You should avoid extensions as they do not have safe electricity flow. 

The device must not overheat during charging. It’s not certain when the device will overheat and to make sure it doesn’t happen, you should keep an eye on your vape while it’s on charge.

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Tips for maximizing the battery life of your vape

Some simple things, if taken care of, will increase the battery life of your vape. If you opt for a high resistance coil, more power will not be required to heat it up. It will not drain the battery faster. Just by using a higher resistance coil, a user can experience the same vapor but the power consumption will be reduced and ultimately the battery life will be maximized.

Even though customization is available for users in vapes. But, if they set the wattage too high, it will push the device to its maximum output and even though the experience will be good initially but will damage the battery in the long term. If these two factors are taken care of, it will not let the battery drain so easily.

How To Charge A Vape With An Android Charger; Should You Charge Your Device With It?

how to charge a vape with an android charger should you charge your device with it

The priority is to charge your device with your original charger. However, in some cases, it does occur that you do not have one and you are looking for alternatives. An android charger is a great option. It’s a trusted brand and thus, it does not damage the vape. But, compatibility matters in all cases. You must always use an android charger that is compatible with your vape’s model and charging requirements. If you neglect these things, you will lose your device as it will stop functioning or the quality of your experience will be negatively altered. 


Android chargers are an efficient way of charging your vape. It’s not only convenient but also reliable. If the charger being used is not compatible with a vaping device, it will expose it to various risk factors and might even lead to potential hazards such as fire and explosion. Using an android to charge a device is a simple task but before that, compatibility of both the charger and the adapter with it is necessary and must be ensured. Different mistakes like setting the wattage too high and using a low resistance coil should be avoided and it will increase the battery life. Charge your vape wisely and through proper analysis, it will ensure longevity of your device!

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