Revolutions do not occur on their own; a company has to make them happen. Esco Bars are a series of vaping devices that have been introduced for that purpose. Unlike other e-cigarettes, the Esco Bars has a better outlook and internal features while being affordable for people. The basic type costs around $14.49 and offers up to 2500 puffs for those who want to get a nice and smooth nicotine hit in their favorite flavor. In this comprehensive guide, a brief introduction to Esco Bars, their features, variations, and how much does Esco Bars cost will be discussed in detail. Let’s learn more about them!

How Much Does An Esco Bars Cost? Defining Esco Bars

how much does an esco bars cost defining esco bars

Esco Bars is a vaping device that has the vision of creating an experience for users that transcends the ordinary. It was founded in Taxes by Darrel Surrif in 2020. It has been designed to revolutionize the vaping industry in an innovative manner where elegance is blended perfectly with technology. 

Esco Bars has a sleek metallic exterior and an elongated shape. It has a mesh coil inside for vapor production. The brand has a dedication to producing quality and craftsmanship, which makes it stand ahead of its competitors. They have 5 percent nicotine in them, and they come with 1.3 ml of e-juice that offers up to 2500 puffs. Comparatively, they have a higher built-in battery capacity, featuring 1000 mAh. 

Features of Esco Bars

features of esco bars

A sleek and slim design offers compactness for users. It has a comfortable mouthpiece for smooth draws. There is no start button, and therefore the draw activation mechanism is present where the user inhales through the mouthpiece and it starts the device. 

The heating will work on its own. These are disposable devices that are to be discarded once they get emptied. They have nicotine e-salt of up to 6 ml with 5% nicotine content in them. It offers up to 2500 puffs and can last up to 5 days. It has a 1000 mAh battery in it, which makes it a powerful vaping device on its own. 

Variations in Esco Bars

variations in esco bars

Esco Bars are available in 53 flavors, and some of them include Aloe Mango Melon, Black Dragon Ice, Blueberry Ambrosia, Pink Lemonade, Peach Ice, Rainbow, Red Apple, Strawberry Ice, and Watermelon Ice. Different variations are also available, such as the Esco Bars 2500, Esco Bars 4000, Esco Bars 6000, and Esco Bars Mega. These differ in the number of puffs that they provide. 

Although they are disposable vapes, some of their types, such as the Esco Bars 6000 and Esco Bars Mega, can be recharged using a USB cable. They usually do not come with a USB cable or charger, but they can be charged using a C-type charger. In order to do it, users can use their standard phone charger. 

The Esco Bars 2500 has a 6 ml e-juice in it, whereas the Esco Bars 4000 has 9 ml, the Esco Bars Mega, which is also referred to as the Esco Bars 5000, has 14 ml, and the Esco Bars 6000 has 15 ml which offers up to 6000 puffs. Their battery capacity also differs, as the Esco Bars Mega and Esco Bars 6000 have 600 and 650 mAh, respectively, which can be recharged. The Esco Bars 2500 and 4000 have 1000 and 1500 mAh battery capacities, but they are non-rechargeable. 

Price of Esco Bars

price of esco bars

The price of an Esco Bars depends on the type. If the type offers more value, it will be priced higher. For instance, the Esco Bars 2500 is priced at $14.49, but the Esco Bars 4000, which offers an ml of double quantity, is priced at $16.99. The other two types, which include Esco Bars Mega and Esco Bars 6000, cost $17.49 and $18.99, respectively. 

The value of each Esco Bars can also be calculated by looking at the average puff that it will provide for frequent users. If someone vapes frequently and takes around 250 puffs a day, they will empty their Esco Bars 2500 within 10 days. If they are using Esco Bars 4000, their vape will last for about 16 days. By using Esco Bars Mega and Esco Bars 6000, their devices can last up to 20 and 24 days if they take 250 puffs daily. It solely depends on the usage.

Some people empty their devices within a few days or even a single day. However, by looking at the price difference among these devices, it’s preferably better to buy the Esco Bars Mega or the Esco Bars 6000 to make sure it lasts for a longer time.¬†

However, many other factors need to be considered while buying. For instance, people want to enjoy a lot of different flavors and cannot vape long sessions of the same flavor frequently for longer periods of time. They need change. Therefore, getting the Esco Bars 6000 for such users will be a waste of money. As they change their flavor options often, the basic Esco Bars 2500 will serve the purpose here. In this way, they will be able to utilize all the different variations without breaking their bank account. 


Esco Bars is a vaping device that changed the vaping world. The device costs less than $20 but offers many advanced features, unlike other e-cigarettes. It has variations not just in flavors but also in features. It comes in 53 different flavors that serve almost every user as everyone can find something of their choice among them. The battery capacities range from 600 to 1100 mAh.

The Esco Bars has four major types which include Esco Bars 2500, Esco Bars 4000, Esco Bars Mega, and Esco Bars 6000. All these differ in their e-juice capacities and their battery capacity too. The Mega and the Esco Bars 6000 can be charged with a charger, unlike the remaining two types which need to be discarded when they are empty. Esco Bars is a great vaping device option that can serve almost all users because of its wide range and features.

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