In an era of increasing health concerns, indulgence in a habit that isn’t healthy comes with a lot of guilt. People keep on wondering while smoking their vapes that how many cigarettes is a Geek Bar equivalent to, the answer depends on many factors but a rough estimation can be provided. Vaping is a great alternative for those who are heavily smoking their toxin filled cigarettes but it’s never a healthy alternative. It cannot be considered a healthy habit because it still causes damage to your overall health. Let’s find out how many cigarettes are there in a Geek bar!

How Many Cigarettes is a Geek Bar Equivalent To; Learning The Basics

how many cigarettes is a geek bar equivalent to learning the basics

Before you decide how many cigarettes a Geek bar is equal to, it’s important you learn about the ingredients in both products. Cigarettes and vapes are not alike. They are similar but they are not similar in effects. They both are built differently and also differ in their ingredients. Vapes on one hand are what called as the e-cigarettes, they have metallic exterior and contain an e-juice which is liquid form of flavorings and nicotine inside. They heat the liquid up which gets vaporized and people inhale it through the mouthpiece. What happens with cigarettes is different. 

Cigarettes contain nicotine with other carcinogens which gets burned to create smoke. The smoke is inhaled along with all the toxins. The burning of compounds causes the real problem here. People are not just inhaling the cigarette contents but also the burnt contents along with it. Some basic ingredients of vape liquid include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. On the other hand, cigarettes contain tobacco, paper, and nicotine along with many additives like tar, and carbon monoxide, produced during combustion.

Geek Bar E-cigarettes

geek bar e cigarettes

Trends change with time. People used to smoke but now the trends have changed and they have shifted towards vaping. It’s important to learn about the comparative impact of our choices. It’s an intriguing comparison where people wants to learn about Geek Bar vs cigarettes. It’s a company that has introduced flavors that range from classics to some twists. They look like drinks and snacks but the reality is different. They have a hidden cost to our health. To understand, there are many things which you need to consider. 

A Flawed Comparison 

a flawed comparison

Quantifying how many cigarettes are there in any vape is multifaceted. It’s complex because the contents differ. However, if someone wants to judge on the basis of just the nicotine content of both, the answer will be easier. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the Geek Bar does not produce harmful compounds as mentioned earlier. But the judgement can be made on the basis of nicotine content and number of puffs produced by each Geek Bar vape. 

Some people prefer to have vapes as they enjoy the whole experience of vaping but they do not consume nicotine. They buy nicotine free vapes with just flavorings inside. These vapes thus cannot be compared to traditional cigarettes that contain nicotine which is the main ingredient for comparison. 

Nicotine Content and Absorption 

nicotine content and absorption

Geek Bars come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. Usually they come in three different strengths that include 0, 10 and 20 mg. For heavy smokers, the standard Geek Bar has 40 mg of nicotine strength. People who need the nicotine hits usually go for 20 mg which has a strong effect. A traditional cigarette has 10 mg nicotine inside, therefore, if someone vapes a standard Geek Bar of 40 mg strength, it will be equivalent to smoking 4 cigarettes. It has a 2 ml e-juice inside which has 40 mg nicotine. 

Similarly, if someone has a Geek Bar of 20 mg strength, it will be equivalent to 2 cigarettes and a 10 mg Geek Bar will be equivalent to a single cigarette. The one which has 0 nicotine will have no compared with a cigarette because it lacks nicotine. The absorption also differs, the way in which a person inhales and uses their vape affects the absorption rate. It varies from one person to another. 

Puff Count

puff count

When someone smokes a traditional cigarette, they take around 10 puffs from it. Each puff lasts about 2 seconds. If we consider the puff count as a standard for comparison between a Geek Bar and a cigarette, each Geek Bar produces about 575 puffs which will be equivalent to smoking around 48 cigarettes. Advance models are now being made like the Geek Bar pulse that gives around 15,000 puffs. It has two modes, the regular mode and the pulse mode. At a pulse mode, it produces 7,500 puffs and at regular one it produces 15,000 puffs. It varies and so does their comparison with a cigarette. 

Health Effects

health effects

Although the byproducts from combustion in cigarettes are not present in Geek Bar vaping but the overall health effects cannot be ignored. It still has flavorings along with nicotine and a lot more components that combine and get heated together to get inhaled by users. The initial perception of vaping being a safe alternative is no longer valid because many health related concerns are surfacing with time. People reported lung damage, respiratory illnesses and lung inflammation that causes scarring or narrowing of lung passages. Even though it helps people to quit their smoking habits but someone who is not transitioning should not start it as it has adverse health effects. 


A Geek Bar vape is equivalent to smoking 48 cigarettes if it is compared on the basis of puff count. It produces approximately 575 puffs and it’s equal to have 48 cigarettes. However, if we compare them both on the basis of nicotine strengths, the entire scenario changes. For instance, if the Geek Bar is of 20 mg strength, it will be equivalent to smoking two cigarettes and if it has 40 mg strength, the quantity will be doubled, and it will now become equal to 4 cigarettes. The comparison depends on many factors, as these factors vary, the results vary accordingly.

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