When you buy a Geek Bar after selecting the most suitable one for you, the choices you have gone through keeps you confused. You often ask yourself how long to charge Geek Bar vape but holding the device in your hand doesn’t answer it. Each Geek Bar has a different battery inside with varying charging times. You have to learn about your device before you go on with its charging to avoid causing potential damage. Here’s a complete guide for you where you will learn how long do you have to charge your Geek Bar, let’s learn!

How Long To Charge Geek Bar Vape; Learning The Basics 

how long to charge geek bar vape learning the basics

It’s not possible that you put your Geek Bar on charge and just forget about it. You have to pay attention to the time required and when it’s completely charged, you have to unplug it. Charging any device more than the required time will cost you because it drains the quality of battery and adversely affects its battery life. A battery which used to last for hours will drain within minutes if it’s overcharged frequently. It affects the overall battery health and therefore it’s important to pay attention to it. It’s not something new because every electronic device has a charging time and when it reaches beyond that, it starts to negatively affect it. 

Anything is good but anything more than required becomes a potential threat. If you keep a track of your devices especially your Geek Bar, it will last you longer than you have expected. People who keep good care of their devices makes the best of them. They invest in one good vape that costs higher than others with a mind of preferring quality over quantity and then they take good care of it. So, their investment doesn’t go in vain. Similarly, when you see the battery capacity of your Geek Bar, it tells you the time it will take to charge fully and if you always track battery percentage, the battery timing won’t disappoint you. 

Geek Bar Variations

geek bar variations

Many variations have been introduced in Geek Bar series. They cater to different preferences and meets the requirements of their users. People sometimes do not require a lengthy process of maintaining and cleaning their vapes. They just want something much easier to handle, then they opt for the disposable variants. They use it and then discard after it gets empty.

But sometimes, people are more into buying something which will last for long. They are interested in taking care of their devices and will do what’s required of them to maintain it’s optimal condition. For those, Geek Bar has variants that are rechargeable. They come will mesh coils inside and can be recharged and refilled for using again. Some of the popular Geek Bar variants include Geek Bar Pulse, Geek Bar Meloso Ultra, Geek Bar DF8000, Geek Bar E600, Geek Bar J1 Pod Kit, and Geek Bar C600.

Charging Requirements for Variants

charging requirements for variants

The time required for the rechargeable Geek Bar is different. It varies and depends upon their battery capacities. For instance, the Geek Bar B5000 has 650 mAh battery capacity which will require 45 minutes to charge completely. Geek Bar Pulse has 650 mAh battery and it takes around 60 to 90 minutes for a complete charge.

Geek Bar pro has 850 mAh battery and it takes about 3 hours to charge. It also depends on the battery percentage of device. If it’s completely drained, it will take the mentioned amount of time. However, if it’s somewhere between 50 to 60 percent, the charging time will be reduced to half because it’s already half full and do not require much time for a complete charge. Many such factors must be kept in mind while charging as they help in preventing overcharging.  

LED Indicators; Understanding Battery Status 

led indicators understanding battery status

Geek Bar vapes have LED indicators that are present on their base. Usually there are two LED lights and they blink to convey the current status of device. One of them display battery percentage whereas the other shows the e-juice level. If any of them are draining, the lights will blink to convey message to the user. For instance, as we are talking about battery percentage of Geek Bar here, we will focus on the LED light that displays the battery percentage. 

The indicator blinks in three different shades of color; red, yellow and green. When the battery capacity is below 20 percent, the LED indicator turns red. When it’s between 20 to 50 percent, it turns yellow and when its between 50 to 100 percent, it turns green. All these shades tell different stories but are all linked to battery status. When you see a red light, it’s time for your Geek Bar to get charged. 

Tips To Increase Battery Health

tips to increase battery health

It’s important to take good care of your device so that it doesn’t lose its potential. Always follow the guidelines mentioned on your user’s manual because it shows the time your device will require for a complete charge. Some take 45 minutes, whereas others take around 3 hours. You cannot plug in a Geek Bar that takes 45 minutes to charge for 3 hours because it will damage it’s battery’s capacity.

It’s important that you stop using it when the temperature of device gets really hot. It’s also advised not to use your Geek Bar at extreme temperatures like an extreme hot or cold temperature. Cable connectors and USB ports must be clean and should be tightly secured. The device must not be used while charging and it must always be charged using a compatible charger. 


Geek Bar vapes come in different variants and the rechargeable ones have different charging times. Some take about 45 minutes whereas others like Geek Bar pro takes about 3 hours to completely charge. All these variants differ in their battery capacities and hence they require different timings for their charge. It’s important that a compatible charger is used and the device is charged only for the required time. When it gets heated, it is turned off and is not used while it’s still on charge. When these tips are followed, it helps in increasing the longevity of Geek Bar. 

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