Have you ever thought about how long is e-juice good for? Is there a way to use it for a longer time? Is there any harm to using an expired e-juice? These are some common questions that arise in the mind of a vaper who is used to having a stock of his favorite e-liquid always available in his drawer. E-juice is not edible but is consumable and vapers consume it through vaping.

As a consumable product, it also has an expiration date but not like food or other consumable products. The shelf life of an e-juice is determined by many factors, like what ingredients are used to make it, the way to preserve the e-juice whether the bottle is opened or sealed, and the type of vape juice. 

You can relate if you have experience using an old bottle of vape juice that has a significantly different taste from the experience of using a new bottle of vape juice. The ingredients used to make e-juice are inflammable, and they will gradually change their properties with exposure to the environment. In this article, we dive deep to know how long is e-juice good for and how we can maintain fresh and flavorful e-juice.

How Long Is E-Juice Good For?

how long is e juice good for

E-juice is made of four ingredients, mainly PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), nicotine, and most often flavors. The shelf life of these four ingredients determines how long is E-juice good for. Generally, it takes two years for an e-juice to expire. It is crucial to know that the e-juice degrades gradually with time and this doesn’t happen from day to night. It means vape juices can be used for the long term and if you keep them in stock with care, you can increase their shelf life.

For example, you can boost the life of your vape juice by storing it in a cool, dry place. Do not open the seal if it is open, then close the lid tightly to avoid air, pollution, or sunlight. Plus, if you use expired e-juice it won’t make you suffer from any health issues and will not cause you any serious harm. However, the quality can be compromised. It is important to check the bottle or packaging to know about the expiration or best-before date and the shelf life of the product.  

How Do You Know If E-Juice Is Bad?

how do you know if e juice is bad

As you know, e-juice has a shelf life of two years. It is always a good idea to check the expiration date on the bottom of a vape juice bottle or packaging. If you want to know if your vape juice is going to be bad or already bad, there are some parameters to consider. 

  • When you find a vape juice that is different in taste from what is expected, like bitter, sour, or having no taste at all, it is a clear sign that e-juice is bad or has expired. 
  • If e-juice has no smell or a weird smell, that is also a sign of bad vape juice. 
  • Bad or expired vape juice turns its color from light to dark or darker with the process of oxidation over time.
  • The oxidation process also decreases the strength of vape juice, weakens its strength, and hits a weak throat as compared to new and fresh e-juice.
  • A bad vape juice becomes thick or thin according to the formulation. Sometimes it becomes thicker after expiration and sometimes it becomes thinner.
  • A vape juice gets separated from its thicker particles set at the bottom, while light particles float in the bottle. This indicates that this e-juice is expired or too bad to use now. 

A vape juice with all the signs mentioned above tells us that this product no longer meets the maker’s quality standards. If you find a vape juice with these signs, give it a good shake; if it has improved its quality, you are good to go with it, and if not, you should throw it in the bin and bring a new one. 

How Long Is E-Juice Good For After Opening?

how do you know if e juice is bad

E-juice is generally good for up to two years, even after opening it. Once an e-juice bottle is opened, it can change color because of nicotine oxides. You can also feel the change in its smell, taste, and strength. Only perfect storage can enhance its shelf life. It is recommended not to change the bottle of e-juice, keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place, even if the bottle is once or twice opened.

Place the lid tightly to prevent air from entering it, as air can cause oxidation in it, and avoid placing the bottle in direct sunlight or near any source of heat. Thus, the shelf life of an e-juice whether it is opened or sealed, precisely depends on the way you store it for later consumption of your favorite flavor. 

Is expired vape juice dangerous?

is expired vape juice dangerous

Vaping expired juice is not recommended, but it also doesn’t cause any serious illnesses or health issues. Vaping is made for two reasons one is a nicotine craving and the other is a favorite flavor need. But when you vape an expired e-juice that has no taste, a bad smell, is low or out of strength, and no nicotine hits.

What is the use of such vaping? One or two puffs of expired vape juice are not going to kill you but it is recommended not to use an expired e-juice if you find that your e-juice is expired and showing signs of expiration. It is a good idea to throw in the old and expired vape juice and bring a new one to meet your craving needs. 


The lifespan of e-juice typically lasts around two years, depending on its ingredients and the way it is stored for future use. It is very necessary to store e-juice with great care to maintain its freshness and quality. Store vape juices in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near any heat source. Do not put the bottle with an open lid; if the bottle is unsealed, then close the lid of the bottle tightly.

Also note the signs of expiration, such as a poorer taste, a weird/bad smell, a color change, and separated ingredients. Vaping expired e-juice won’t kill you or lead you to a serious illness but it is not recommended to vape expired vape juice. It won’t give you a strong throat hit or the ability to fulfill your nicotine cravings. For the best vaping experience, it is recommended to replace your old and expired e-juice with a new one that meets your flavor and strength preferences. 

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