How long does it take to charge an elf bar? Do you have plans to go outside with your friends but realize right before hand that your elf bar is dead? What an irritating and annoying situation it is.  A question suddenly invades your mind: How long does it take to charge an elf bar? Do not worry; this comprehensive guide will help you understand how long an elf bar will take to charge as well as the factors that affect that time.

Elf Bar is a well-known vape brand. It is popular for its compact, high-quality, sleek, and stylish vape pods. They are very simple to use and will become your favorite travel companion. It comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from simple tobacco to delectable fruity and creamy combinations. Before we go any further into the charging period of an elf bar, it is important to understand what type of elf bar you have and how to charge it correctly.

Different Types of Elf Bar Vaping Device

Depending on the charging capability, there are two types of elf-bar vapes.

Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes

As the name indicates, these elf-bar vaping pods can be recharged once the battery is drained out. The charging port is located at the bottom of the device and can be charged using any type C USB cable. The rechargeable elf bar includes the BC1600 with an 850 mAh battery, the BC3000/3500/4000/5000 and BC5000 Ultra with 650 mAh, and the TE5000 with 550 mAh battery power.

Non-Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes

non rechargeable elf bar

Several of the elf bar vapes are not rechargable, meaning you cannot refill or recharge them after using them. Avoid attempting to charge them, as it may be risky and result in severe harm. The PL2000, CR2500, NC1800, MC600, Lux series, Cigalike, and other non-rechargeable elf-bar devices are examples.

Steps to Charge Elf Bar Vapes Properly

steps to charge elf bar vapes properly

Follow these simple steps to charge your elf bar properly. 

  • Type C USB cables can be used to charge elf bars; however, many elf bars do not come with charging cables. You can buy it online or from a nearby store. To avoid any accidents, always purchase high-quality cables and inspect them for bends or other damage.
  • Attach the changing cable to the charging port at the bottom of the vaping device. Connect the other end of the charging cable to the adaptor plugged into a wall outlet or any USB port.
  • Most of the elf bars have indication light that turns on when the vape is charging. Let it charge fully until the light turns off or changes its color to red. 
  • Unplug the charger once the device is fully charged. Avoid overcharging batteries, as this can cause them to overheat and possibly explode.  

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Elf Bar? Factors Affecting it

how long does it take to charge an elf bar factors affecting it

It can take approximately 1-2 hours to charge an elf bar completely. This is only an estimate; the actual time to charge any elf bar will vary depending on several other factors, such as the battery type, amount of residual charging in the device, and power source type.

Battery Type

How long does it take to charge an elf bar? It depends greatly on the type of battery your vaping device has. The battery power of an elf bar is measured in mAh and ranges from 500 to 850 mAh. A battery with a large mAh can store more power, which means it will take longer to charge fully. Vapes with 850 mAh take longer to charge than elf-bar vapes with 500 mAh, which charge in less time.

Charging State of the Elf Bar vape

charging state of the elf bar vape

How long does it take to charge an elf bar? It also depends on the charging state of your vaping device. If the battery of your elf bar is completely drained out, it will take more time to recharge it fully. Similarly, if the battery has some leftover charging in it before charging, it will take less time to charge.

Type of Power Source

type of power source

The type of power source used to charge the device will influence the charging time. For fast charging, a 5-watt AC adaptor plugged into a wall socket is recommended. Connecting your elf-bar vape to a computer or other device can slow down the charging process. Typically, a computer’s output is insufficient to swiftly charge your gadget, so you will have to wait hours for the battery to fully charge. 

Points to Remember for Fast Charging

The following guidelines should be remembered in order to quickly charge an elf bar vape.

  • Clean the charging port to remove any dirt before charging.
  • Always use good-quality adaptor and charging cable. The use of boken cable should be avoided, as it could result in severe harm. Using adaptor with a higher output can lead to overheating the device.
  • Do not use the vape while it is charging.
  • Remember to charge your elf bar before the battery is completely dead. Use it after it has been fully charged. This will extend the life of an elf bar vape’s battery. 
  • Refrain from overcharging, as this could harm your gadget.  



How long does it take to charge an elf bar? Although a full charge takes one to two hours, there is no precise time frame. An elf bar’s charging time is contingent upon several factors, including the battery’s power, the charging source, and the current charging status of the device. Imagine having the urge to vape while chatting with friends.

When you take out the vape, it is dead. How does that make you feel? It is evident that this is an extremely frustrating situation that will negatively impact your mood. To avoid the last-minute commotion, always keep your elf bar fully charged. Keep your elf bar battery in good condition to enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience.

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