When it comes to charging an Elf Bar, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s a rechargeable vape, not a disposable pen that you throw away after one use. People often try to recharge their disposable vapes, which can not only be fussy but might also damage your vape and tools in the process. What can you expect when you first charge your Elf Bar vape? How long does an Elf Bar take to charge? How to know when Elf Bar is charged?

How Do You Charge The Elf Bar Vape?

You will need a USB Type-C charging cable for an Elf Bar vape. It is a common cable used to charge a smartphone or tablet nowadays. The cable is then plugged into the vape’s port, and once plugged into an outlet, a light begins to flash.

It indicates that the device is charging, which is a good sign that the vape itself tells that the vape is in good condition!

Some issues may arise because of any problem with the charging port or your Type-C cable. Check both, and if the LED light still doesn’t blink, you’ll want to get the vape replaced.

How Long Does an Elf Bar Take to Charge?

how long to charge elf bar bc5000

Your new Elf Bar vape BC5000 will typically need to be charged for at least an hour before the first use. A full charge usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours on average. It is often influenced by how old the battery is. After it is recharged a few times, the battery quality degrades, and it takes longer to charge.

When charging, keep an eye out for the flashing light to go out. It indicates that the device has been fully charged and can now be used.

Do not vape while it’s charging because it’s dangerous and could damage the device. Assure that the vape device is only charging for a brief period and is doing so in a secure location.

Average Life of Elf Bar BC5000

According to our market research, most vapers will use between 2 and 4 ml of vape juice per day. This significant difference can be attributed to several variables, including the type of vape used, the number of puffs taken each day, the size of the puff, accessibility to the vape, and the vape juice consumed. Vape users who use 2 ml per day will consume 4 to 5 Elf Bar BC5000 vapes per month, while those who use more will consume about 9 Elf Bars each month. Customers have claimed in on-site reviews that Elf Bar BC5000 vapes can last, for the casual vaper, anywhere between one and two weeks.

To get the most out of these rechargeable batteries, make sure you know how to use the elf bar. Everyone has a unique vaping experience, so don’t worry if you make a mistake the first few times.

Can You Refill an Elf Bar?

No, you cannot refill disposable Elf Bars.

Elf Bars don’t require any refilling of the e-liquid and can be used right away after purchase. Every device you purchase is prefilled with the e-liquid of your choice and fully charged. Simply taking a inhale will begin your vaping experience. There is no need for refills because it is designed to be thrown away. People may be reluctant to switch from traditional cigarettes to vapes because refilling can be messy and time-consuming. When the time comes, you can just buy a fresh new elf bar!

Remember to properly dispose of your Elf Bar because it contains a battery and cannot be placed in any trash can or a roadside container. You must instead take the used Elf Bar to a battery recycling facility in your area. These are frequently found in local grocery stores or town halls.

How Long Does Elf Bar Mate 500 Take To Charge?

Elf Bar Mate 500

A strong, stylish, and portable vape kit. The Elf Bar Mate 500 is portable, feels natural in hand, and is easy to use. A low-maintenance kit to set up, the Elf Bar Mate 500 is also user-friendly and has inhaled activation. The 2 ml P1 prefilled pods (sold separately) are compatible with the Elf Bar Mate 500 and were created to help you beat your cravings for nicotine and get you through the day. Push the bottom of the P1 prefilled pod to activate it before attaching it. The rest will be completed by the Elf Bar Mate500 vape’s inhaled activation. The magnetic pod connection on the P1 prefilled pods makes it simple to remove and apply them.¬†

There are fewer wait times between charges thanks to the Type-C charging, which guarantees a full battery within 1 hour of plugging in the vape. It has a built-in 1.2-ohm coil that restricts your ability to inhale and a constant voltage output that ensures consistent flavor throughout the entire vaping experience.

How Long Does Elf Bar BC3500 Take To Charge?


The Elf Bar BC3500 is just like the Elf Bar BC5000. The only differences between the two are that the BC5000 is a bit taller than the BC3500 and has 13 ml of prefilled e-juice, whereas the BC3500 has 10.5 ml. Because of this difference in e-juice, the BC3500 offers fewer puffs. The BC3500 gives 3500 puffs, while the BC5000 gives 5000 puffs.

Other than these two differences, both vapes are the same. Both vapes have the same 12 flavors, and both carry the same 650 mAh battery. So, when we’re talking about, How long does an Elf Bar take to charge? The answer is the same as for the BC5000. It takes around 1-2 hours for the vape to fully recharge.


One of the most common questions that people ask is, “How long does an Elf Bar take to charge?” Well, we’ve tried our best to not only satisfy your question but also give you additional information as well. The most typical time for you to recharge your vape should be around an hour. And you should recharge your vape when the flavor starts getting weak or when the vape isn’t enough.