If you vape, then the coil is something very crucial in your device. If it’s working properly, then well and good, but if it wears out, you will have to replace it. People are interested in learning how long does a coil last in a vape. In this comprehensive guide, a brief introduction to the coil, its purpose, price, types, shelf life and ways to increase it will be discussed. Let’s dig into it.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; What’s A Coil?

how long does a coil last in a vape whats a coil

In a vaping device, the most important and essential part is the coil. It’s although small in size but has a mighty function. Its function is to produce the vapor. It’s actually a wire that has been wrapped around a cylindrical structure. It heats up when the electrical current flows through it. Its heating is what heats up the e-juice in return. It’s actually the type of wire and how it’s wrapped around the cylinder affects the heating process. 

Some features that depend on the air quality and type are temperature control, flavor production, etc.  Some metals are good conductors as compared to others and hence they take less time to heat up the e-juice. The heating also varies depending on the number of coils the wire has. It affects the surface area.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; Purpose Of Coil

how long does a coil last in a vape purpose of coil

It actually heats up the e-juice which is present within the vaping device. The e-juice cannot be inhaled unless its heated and vapors are being produced. The vapor production depends on the coil which is being used. If the coil is capable of producing dense vapors, it will be used by those who are interested in experimenting with different vaping styles. The coil is actually the heating element and can only serve its purpose well if its capacities align with the requirements of a user.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; Price Of A Coil

how long does a coil last in a vape price of a coil

The most overlooked factor while using a vaping device is the coil. People are interested in using high quality vape and costly e-juices but they totally forget about the coil. They are constantly needed for vaping and if a user doesn’t invest in a good quality coil, they will have to reinvest again and again which makes their entire vaping experience costly. While choosing a vaping coil, the material it is made of must be kept in mind too. 

For instance, if it is made of stainless steel, it generally provides a great flavor but its shelf life is too short. If a user buys a mesh variety or a coil made of ceramics, they provide higher durability. Although we suggest you invest a good proportion of your budget in a coil, at the end, it all depends on how much you have to spend on your vaping and how much is your entire budget.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; Types Of Coil

how long does a coil last in a vape types of coil

Different vaping coils are available in the market to serve various purposes. For instance, the standard one is the Kanthal coil. It has high durability against temperature. Usually people who use high wattages are interested in Kanthal coils. Vaping devices have either a regular wattage or with temperature control mode. 

The stainless steel coils are used for both. In order to create dense clouds of vapor, the Clanton coils are an excellent choice. In these coils, a thin wire is wrapped around a thick wire. As a result, the surface area increases. The most lasting coils are the ceramic ones. They use ceramic material to provide heating and hence the material is durable therefore the coils last longer than others.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; It’s Shelf Life

how long does a coil last in a vape its shelf life

The answer to this depends on various factors. However, a simple answer could be that the coil lasts for about two weeks to four weeks. People who are frequently vaping might have to change their coil after a week or two. However, people who are vaping not in long sessions, might have to change it after 3 to 4 weeks. 

But it all depends on the coil type and how it’s used. If a user bought a cheap coil, it won’t last for long. It won’t even provide the required flavors and the vaping performance will be too poor. Regular maintenance and proper caring is crucial. If you do not properly prep the coil before use, it will not only reduce its shelf life but also lead to throat hits which are irritating.

How Long Does A Coil Last In A Vape; Can We Increase Its Shelf Life?

how long does a coil last in a vape can we increase its shelf life

It’s a great frustration for people who vape that everytime they get comfortable and start to enjoy their sessions, their coil burns out. It would be good if users were able to increase the shelf life of their coils. The residue buildup gunks up within the coil. It’s important to clean it up otherwise it will reduce its efficiency and longevity. Cleaning can be performed with simple warm water or some specific cleaning solution. 


Coil is the main component of a vaping device. It lasts somewhere between 1 to 4 weeks. It depends on usage and care. The quality also matters. Different factors have to be considered to answer the question that how long does a coil last in a vape. Coils are made of different materials and each has it’s own properties. Some produce good vapors whereas others lead to good flavors. Some last long, others don’t. The price is a crucial factor too. If someone chooses a cheap coil, it will need constant replacements and will lead to an increase in overall costs.

However, one time investment in a costly but good quality coil matters a lot. The longevity can be altered through different factors like if a user wants to make sure their coil lasts, they need to take proper care while using it and also needs to maintain regular cleaning.

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