Are you worried about your Orion vape‘s battery health and wants to know how long do you charge an Orion vape? Don’t worry because you are not alone in this. Many users worry about their battery’s health and wants to know the tips and tricks to keep it working in perfect condition. There are several things you can do to make sure you do not overcharge your device and that it remains in its optimum condition. Let’s learn more about them!

How Long Do You Charge An Orion Vape; Understanding Battery Charging Needs 

how long do you charge an orion vape understanding battery charging needs

The Orion bar has a quick charging capability. Usually the charging time ranges between 45 minutes to an hour. It comes with 650 mAh battery capacity and has an efficient charging process that minimizes the downtime for users. If their Orion os empty, they only have to wait for an approximate 45 minutes before they get their device fully charged. The actual charging time is influenced by many factors like the remaining battery percentage and the power source. 

If the power source is inconsistent and the battery is too low, the charging time might exceed 45 minutes owing to the issues of source. However, if the charger, power source, cable and battery are all in good condition, the average charging time wouldn’t exceed 45 minutes. Due to these battery capacities, users are able to experience seamless and satisfying experience with Orion vapes. 

Recommended Charging Habits for Orion Vape

recommended charging habits for orion vape

If you want to maintain your Orion in its optimum condition, you have to develop some charging and care taking habits. It helps in increasing the longevity of device because if it’s not taken good care off, it will wear out before time. You must not overcharge your device and it should always be disconnected once it has reached its full charge. 

The charging USB cable comes with the Orion vape and it’s a reliable one. Therefore, it should always be charged using this cable and if any other cable is being used, it increases the chances of Orion being damaged during the charging process. The charging ports are clean in start but with time and usage, the ports get dirt on them as they are being exposed to environment. These ports should be cleaned because if there’s any barrier like dirt, it disrupts the charging process due to inconsistency in charge flow. 

Once you have vaped, you need to make sure your device is stored in a cool and dark place. It should not be directly exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity. Humidity not only affects the device but also the e-juice present in them. The moisture from surroundings are absorbed into the e-liquid and it leads to its dilution. It affects the flavor and vapor production. However, if the humidity is extremely low, it leads to the thickening of e-juice which causes wicking problems. Anything below or above the normal range is not recommended. Therefore, you must always pay attention to these things while using your Orion vape. 

When the temperature is too high or low, it also adversely affects Orion. When device is being used at extremely warm temperatures, it affects the battery’s capacity because it has to work overtime. It also leads to swelling. When you experience the temperature of your device rising, you should discontinue it’s usage. It will help in cooling it down to a normal temperature before anything gets damaged inside. 

Avoid Overcharging Your Orion

avoid overcharging your orion

We often hear to avoid overcharging but no one tells why. How does it affect your device? When you overcharge your Orion, it puts a lot of stress over your battery which causes it to overheat. Alot of strain is put over it when it has to discharge the excessive battery. When it undergoes this stress, it leads to battery cracks. 

The batteries are usually lithium ion core, and these cracks expose them due to which it often leads to explosion. Apart from that, if it’s overcharged, the battery loses its potential to hold charge with time. It degrades it and the battery loses its capacity to work fine. If you are using a low grade charger, cable or battery, it further escalates the situation deteriorating the entire Orion as a device. 

Tips for Prolonging Battery Life

avoid overcharging your orion

The factors to be considered have been mentioned earlier in this article along with their reasons. However, in general, there are some tips you can keep in mind to prolong the battery life of your Orion vape. These include a mindful storage where you carefully store your device in humid free environment away from sunlight exposure and high temperatures. It helps in preserving not just the e-juice but the battery as well. 

As Orion has 650 mAh battery, it only needs 45 minutes to an hour for complete charge. Therefore, be mindful of the charging time and always plug it off when it reaches its full potential to avoid overcharging. It’s also essential to stick to original accessories like the USB cable provided with it to avoid any potential damage. Regular cleaning and maintenance is also necessary to prevent residual buildup which affects its functioning. 


Just like any vape, Orion vape also has a charging time. It features 650 mAh battery capacity and therefore it’s charging time is between 45 to one hour. It depends on how much depleted the battery is. Charger, cable, battery, and power source all influence the charging time. If the cable or power source aren’t reliable, they will slow down the process.

Many things have to be kept in mind while charging, and if users want to increase the battery lifespan, they should consider a mindful usage. They should store it in dark, and sunlight or humid free environment. They should not overcharge it and they must stick with reliable charging source and cable. It’s also important to withdraw usage if the temperature of device is rising.

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