Al Fakher is a highly recognized company in the shisha tobacco industry that entices people all over the world with its premium hookah goods. Since 1999, Al Fakher flavors have been created in the United Arab Emirates with a respect for history and an eye toward contemporary innovation. Hookah smoking is more than just a recreational activity. Smoking hookah is to take a pause from your busy life and relax to appreciate the beauty of life. In the past, people would gather to smoke hookahs, talk about current events and personal issues, and engage in gossip during their free time. With the passage of time, other tobacco-smoking methods have become more popular, and hookah smoking has become less appealing. But thanks to al fakher for reviving the culture of hookah smoking in an innovative way to attract people. You will discover more about the flavors of Al Fakher hookah, the definition and preparation of shisha, and the top Al Fakher flavors to try in this blog.

What is Shisha, and How Is It Prepared?

Shisha or hookah tobacco is a type of flavored tobacco leaf mixed with vegetable glycerine, molasses, and different flavorings, and it is smoked through hookah. The traditional method of making hookah tobacco involves fermenting tobacco and then combining it with additional ingredients. However, shisha is now prepared in large quantities using a fully automated method. Tobacco is initially chilled to remove any contamination. Then they are sliced into smaller pieces, cleaned, and dried. The next step is to sweeten them by adding vegetable glycerine and molasses. This step is called tobacco aging. Tobacco will ferment during this time, acquiring its unique flavor and color. Following that, flavorings are added, and it is ready for packaging.

Best Al Fakher Flavors

The best tobacco is used to create Al Fakher flavors, which are then combined with exquisite European flavorings to give shisha lovers an unparalleled, rich, and satisfying smoking experience. Customers can now enjoy a wide range of exotic flavors from Al Fakher, including golden flavors like black grape, special edition flavors like watermelon splash, and traditional flavors like strawberry, cola, mint, and mango. The list is so long that it is difficult to choose one. Below are the top flavors of Al Fakher hookah tobacco that you simply must try.

Al Fakher Grapefruit with Mint Flavor

al fakher grapefruit with mint flavor

Al Fakher grapefruit with mint flavor  is a premium concoction of the finest tobacco leaves, grapefruit extract, and natural mint essence. This hookah tobacco flavor will take your hookah smoking experience to the next level. The exotic and delectable flavor of sun-ripened grapefruit will tantalize your tastebuds. Every draw delivers a refreshing sensation thanks to the subtle hint of mint that perfectly balances the tangy and juicy flavor of grapefruit.  In addition to its delicious flavor, the aroma of grapefruit and mint is captivating and adds to the value of your special moment. You should buy Al Fakher Grapefruit with Mint Flavor right away if you are a novice or an experienced smoker looking to try something new and delicious. Take a break from your hectic routine and inhale your hookah tobacco of grapefruit with mint flavor to relax and enjoy.  

Al Fakher Lemon with Mint Flavor 

al fakher lemon with mint flavor

The delightful combination of crisp, juicy lemons, cool mint, and premium tobacco is what makes Al Fakher lemon with mint flavor so alluring. Every single inhale will provide you with the same wonderful taste and fragrance, which is the cornerstone of Al Fakher’s impeccable tradition. Each pull is bursting with zesty flavors of sun-kissed lemons and refreshing mint. The citrusy taste of the lemons does not overpower the taste of the mint. The amount of both flavors added ensures that they balance each other out and provide hookah smokers with an entirely new experience. This new flavor is an excellent representation of Al Fakher’s commitment to giving their cherished clients the best goods and services around. What are you waiting for? Get this Al Fakher flavor to treat your taste buds to a refreshing and energizing experience.

Al Fakher Mango Flavor 

al fakher mango flavor

Al fakher mango flavor is a premium shisha tobacco with a magnificent aroma and taste of sweet and juicy mangoes. This flavor will boost your hookah session and transport you to a tropical paradise.  The unique mango flavor will give you a burst of sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess with each draw. Mango flavor, like all other Al Fakher flavors, is skillfully blended to deliver a steady stream of flavorful smoke that is infused with the delightful aroma of mangoes. 

Al Fakher Strawberry Flavor

al fakher strawberry flavor

Al fakher strawberry flavor is one of the best al fakher flavors. It is a seductive mixture of the best tobacco and strawberry flavors. The rich taste of tart and sweet strawberries will satisfy your taste buds. To begin with, strawberry shisha flavor is a great option if you want to try some basic fruit flavors. In its purest form, this flavor is ideal for hookah smoking. It goes well with other shisha flavors, like other fruits and desert flavors. The light, fruity taste of sweet and tangy strawberries makes your smoking experience memorable.



The expanding global shisha community places a high value on al fakher flavors due to their superior taste and quality. The tobacco used in Al Fakher shisha is hand-selected for quality and reliability. They guarantee a fantastic smoking experience each and every time by using only pure natural ingredients. Al Fakher hookah tobacco comes in a variety of flavors to suit every palate. Hookah smoking is a culture where people from different walks of life meet each other and take the opportunity to reveal the link between problems and solutions. Buy the best al fakher flavors from SmokesandVape today to enjoy a smooth and delightful hookah session.

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